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How to recognize a PDF file generated from smartform(sapscript),ABAP list or ADS form

Sometimes customer is getting a PDF file in SAP system,but he is not aware of where the PDF file comes from.How we can recognize it?

1.Open the PDF file with any text editor.

2.You can see the below contents.


        /Author (I033461 )

       /CreationDate (D:20150526082600)

       /Creator (Form BC470_DATAS EN)———–>This is the form name

       /Producer (SAP NetWeaver 731 )

•ABAP List

          /Author (I033461 )

          /CreationDate (D:20150526075953)

          /Creator (Form X_65_80 EN)————–>this is the ABAP list format

          /Producer (SAP NetWeaver 731 )

         %SAPinfoStart TOA_DARA

•ADS form



         <xmp:CreatorTool>Adobe XML Form Module Library</xmp:CreatorTool>



         * There is no ADS form name shown here,should activate the ADS default trace to get the ADS form name.

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  • First of all you don’t need to open the file in the text editor to see the content. You can see the information by Open PDF > File > Properties. Look for the Application. Thats what is the creator tag.

    Also, there is no guarantee that ABAP Spool always would be generated with X_65_255 format. It can be any like X_65_80 EN.

    BTW, what is the need to know that PDF is generated from which source?

    Naimesh Patel

    • Hi Naimesh,

      Yes,You are correct that the format should be different from x_65_255.It’s can be another one.I just provided a sample.

      In case you found that the created PDF file has some problem for example contains truncated characters.You can know where to check the font setting and analyze further
      the cause by firstly recognizing the data source.


      Jie Bai