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Consuming Your First Synchronous RESTful Service – Step-by-Step – Preparation


This is the second part of a mini-series blog about how to build a basic SAP-to-REST synchronous interface scenario. The blog’s first part can be found here:  Consuming Your First Synchronous RESTful Service – Step-by-Step – Introduction. This part is to prepare for building our design-time and integration objects.

Let’s get to work

In this part, a software component version (SWCV) and a namespace will be created. We didn’t talk about this earlier. It is mainly intended for organizing and releasing objects. For more information about this topic, please refer to this document (PI Best Practices Naming Conventions). For now, we will just create a new software component version that we will be using.

    • Go to SLD

    • Click the “Products” link in the “Software Catalog”

    • Click the “New” button

    • Select the “Create a new product and version” radiobutton then click “Next”

    • In the product details screen, enter a product name, vendor, and a product version then click “Next”

    • In the product instance screen, enter an instance name then click “Next”

    • In the software component version details screen, enter a software component name and version then click “Finish”

    • Now, if you search for the product you just created, you should be able to find it.

This is it. See you in the third part.

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