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Payroll control center —Re-thinking payroll process

Payroll control center —Re-thinking payroll process

Once upon a time there was a classroom. Some payroll admins and payroll managers were sitting there, watching the powerful screen with a lot of input fields, fighting to understand the meaning what’s really I need to deal with.  At last they would say:” Yes, it is a powerful software. But I should also be powerful to use it”

One night I turn on my iPhone, told Siri:” Please run payroll for my company. ” Five minutes later everything is ready. Is it a dream? Yes, but when I saw the PCC (Payroll control center) screen I found the dream is close to me.

Only two button need to click. Payroll run is successfully. Just like talk to Siri: “Hi, Start .”


PCC not only provide a simple UI but also change the concept of the whole payroll process. 

Payroll process is a very complex process, it involves kinds of roles to maintain the payroll relative data. Every role is in charge of one aspect of payroll data such as time info, tax info , load info  …… Every month or every week payroll calculation will be a battle for them. No one know what’s kind of data is not right at that time.

Now PCC comes. It introduced the concept of whole period payroll data quality management. Using PCC payroll admin can monitor the payroll relative data throughout the payroll period. All data can be monitored in the whole payroll period. Any error can be found in time and resolved in time. Payroll manager does not worry about payroll run error any more.

Here you can define all kinds of rules to make your payroll run correctly. You need check your master data, you also need check your payroll result. Different company have different policy on payroll , so here you can let PCC to check all these policy just by clicking start .


Here you can monitor all kinds of errors and assign the right member to resolve the issues  



In the real world, resolve issues never is an easy job. Experience always means great help. But you never can assume that you always have experienced guys at hand.

Now with PCC you can, PCC can help you build a big knowledge library not only for finding issues but also for resolving issues. Knowledge always be your company most valuable assets, isn’t it?


After the data modification, you can validate the error again.

Simplified the UI while adding valuables feathers on payroll process. That’s PCC give me the image.

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  • I am currently implementing PCC for a company in Mexico, the entire process is working ok for me, but I have problem running the policies, check the configuration is correct, Someone can help me with any comments or hint for check this problem, the error in the instance of PCC is “not execute instance found” “Stop Execution” 

    • Wel,, what I found is that a customer check needs to be assigned to a super class – i.e. CL_PYD_TY_BASE. This will make sure you have a CONSTRUCTOR method that is actually usable. Which, in turn, makes sure you can execute your check.