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SAP Design Studio 1.5 Roadmap Webcast Notes

This was an SAP webcast from last week.  Below are my notes as I heard them.


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows the usual legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.

Generally, the features are as follows (I am not repeating slides shown in previous SCN blogs):

  • Add data binding to custom component and extension components – not in original plan
  • Still missing broadcasting from NetWeaver; planned for 2016
  • Not all dashboard use cases are going to Design Studio; some end-user cases going to Lumira
  • Pixel-based when first designed and now moving to responsive web
  • Script-free patterns with data binding; used throughout the pallets – text field, listbox – had to script them; now have the option to set data binding on them
  • SDK – data binding available to extension developers
  • Geo – support up to 10 layers with each layer bound to its own data source; can also go to partners; using GeoJSON to stay away from proprietary format
  • Online composition use case turning into  “social BI”
  • Parallel processing on refresh – nature can be customized
  • Increased library for standard templates considerably
  • Multi select from cross tab
  • Offline presentation in application (no connectivity but tell story)
  • Export to LUMS files for Lumira integration
  • Context Menu – can add new items; can’t customize the standard entries


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Multi user bookmarks are not fragments anymore but “Smart Objects” available to other users who have rights to view objects


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Data bound components address #1 complaint – scripting; it removes the need for scripting


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Planned features are as follows:

  • Geomap enhancements – currently not printable; not work with PDF print capability; plan to fix; Synch to Lumira on Geo-front
  • Fix Export to PDF – crosstabs across multiple pages don’t print right
  • Interoperability – Jump from Design Studio to Analysis Office to Lumira directly
  • Improved mobile experience – world has decided responsive web is the way to go with multiple devices – portrait / landscape; first step is moving to Mobile UI5 library for a “better mobile experience”
  • Consider Analyst use case mostly finished; a few things to drag & drop in cross tab and calculations at run time (1.6 – means style of added columns like Analysis Office)
  • Looking at design time calculation – considering introduce formula editor (not in 1.6 – planned for 2016 H1), grid based, column based options
  • Enhanced UNX for 1.6 – raise limit from 5K to 20K rows; XCelsius was limited to 10K – know it is not enough long-term.

Further / future direction:

  • Long term, thinking of bringing velocity engine to Mobile Client for large UNX result sets
  • Further out – scheduling needs more than 1 release;
  • Comments 1.5 in BW 740 text key figure; future want this to be the whole application and not a specific set of data; looking at doing it on the smart object
  • Proper offline caching mechanism
  • Multi-source universe – try for 1.6 but in future
  • Variant support – not BW variants; use a multi-source multi system approach for the BI platform
  • Improve component composition experience; add tagging; designer to save smart objects and reuse them at design time

Question & Answer

Q: How has HANA connectivity changed?

A: HANA connectivity – can use InA provider – use https

Q: When is 1.6 planned?

A: Tentatively around November, around conference season

Q: Any Pie chart enhancements? 3-D

A: Considered poor data visualization metrics; everyone uses

3-D is not in CVOM; out of fashion

Not investing a lot of time in 3-D; look at custom components

Q: BEx + portal

A: Look at online composition use case; BEx has bookmarks; in online composition share snippets of data

Q: How does this compare to Tableau?

A: Tableau has a few years ahead; disruptive innovation; shifting Lumira to be enterprise friendly user BI tool

Q: Mobile – can zoom with gestures?

A: Disabled; problem with current library why move to UI5 m, expected in 1.6

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  • Hi Tammy,

    A very informative summary once again, thanks.  I have some questions related to the following points:

    • Not all dashboard use cases are going to Design Studio; some end-user cases going to Lumira – Was there any discussion about which use cases will go to Lumira vs Design Studio?
    • Pixel-based when first designed and now moving to responsive web – Was there any elaboration about this in terms of what type of responsive features will be implemented?
    • Online composition use case turning into  “social BI” – How was “social BI” defined in this context?
    • first step is moving to Mobile UI5 library for a “better mobile experience” – Was there any discussion about what new features would be introduced as a result of implementing the Mobile UI5 library?

    Also, is there a recording of the webcast available?  Not sure how I managed to miss that one 🙂 .



    • Hi Mustafa – thank you for reading and your detailed comments.  I think we’ll have to wait for the recording to post to see if it answers your questions – it isn’t available yet. When it is there I’ll link the recording to this document.