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Colleen Raftery’s ‘SAP Success Story’

Colleen Raftery is nothing short of a miracle worker… Being a part of the the Student SAP Mentor program for 2015, myself along with about 26 other students from around North America and abroad were able to attend the SAPPHIRENOW conference in Orlando, Florida this year. To put it in the least amount of words possible; it was truly an honour to meet such an open hearted, kind, and organized lady.

Luckily enough I was able to get Colleen to share her SAP Success Story through an informal interview during the busy conference. The following is her story:

Colleen has been with SAP working on behalf of University Alliances for the past 8 years now. University Alliances aims to help prepare students to be “SAP ready” and implement SAP software throughout 3000 universities around the globe. Colleen states that her favourite part of her job is going to different SAP conferences and watching all of her hard work and dedication to organizing students, professors, work stations and more, come together successfully. University Alliances and SAP are setting up programs such as the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to create a more diversified workforce and program.

For lack of better words, Colleen is an incredible lady! Go Colleen!!!

Do you have an SAP Success Story? Please contact me by commenting below to set up a short interview or fill out this template: SAP Success Story. The idea is to gain insights into what helped execute your successes in the SAP ecosystem, as well as showcase the impact you have made within the community and the impact the community has made to you! You can also tag a nominee and encourage them to blog their SAP Success Story as well as tag myself so the data can be collected.

Thank you,

Sam Alexander

Student SAP Mentor 2015

Mentor:Arif Mohamed Johari

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