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Solution for: InsideView Mashup does not work on Account screen

Hello All,

Id like to provide a workaround in this document for customers/partners/consultants who have issues seeing the relevant information on the Insideview Mashup under an Account screen in C4C.

Issue: The insideview standard mashup does not display any information when made visible through ADAPT/PERSONALIZE options under an Account screen in C4C. It asks for either Signing-in or gives a link “I need a Password”, however, even after putting the correct credentials or resetting the password, it still shows the same screen instead of showing relevant information for that Account in the Mashup.

Root Cause: There is a bug in C4C – Insideview mashup, due to which the mashup is unable to pick up the correct configuration parameter value for ‘CRM OrgID’, which is a key config parameter for the mashup to display the correct & relevant information.

Workaround: Create a copy of the pre-delivered InsideView Mashup (This is needed since you cannot EDIT a standard/Pre-delivered Mashup). give it a name of your choice. EDIT the Mashup & under the parameter CRM OrgID, populate a constant value (You need to get this constant value from the InsideView team). This step basically hard codes the CRM OrgId. Save & close, Activate the Mashup.

Now, go inside any Account & hide the standard/pre-delivered Mashup. Make your copied Mashup visible. Now enter your credentials to sign-in to the InsideView on the Mashup screen & then after you should be able to view the required information on the Mashup without any issues.

Kindly note that this is a workaround.

Solution: It is expected that 1505 release should come with a bug fix for this issue & once the tenants are upgraded to 1505, you can hide your copies version of the Mashup & make the standard/Pre-deliverd Mashup visible, it should then work fine.

Hope this workaround comes handy to anyone who is using Insdieview mashup & has issues as mentioned in the Issue section above.



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