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Reflecting on BCO6181

For my final semester for Masters of Accounting and ERP systems at Victoria University, a friend of mine recommended the BCO6181 ERP Applications subject taught by the SAP Mentor Tony De Thomasis. I decided to check it out and I got quite a few hits when I Googled BCO6181. LinkedIn, SAP SDN, Facebook, Twitter – BCO6181 was everywhere!

This subject inspired me to author my first SAP SCN weblog and share my positive SAP learning experience. The tag-cloud below includes a collection of the wide variety of topics covered during our 12 week adventure. The most exciting topics covered included Lumira, virtualisation, SAP cloud computing and building a social identity just to name a few.


I opened a LinkedIn account some years ago to stay in touch with one of my ex-colleges – but that’s all I did, created an account with my name and dates of employment. The importance of a real profile including my skills, experience and a recent picture never really occurred to me. Just thirty minutes into the first BCO6181 lecture this semester, I realised my social identity didn’t pass the ‘google test’. I quickly realised I had no social identity at all!  I have since updated my LinkedIn profile and I have started reaching out to build new connections in the hope of building a strong social network and staying abreast of industry trends.

As an SAP newbie, I was presented with several ‘opportunities’ during the semester including the challenge of learning enough SAP Lumira to be confident to present 6 minutes of hands-on capability at the front of the class. As a twist, the ‘no PowerPoint’ policy gave me the opportunity to learn Prezi for the first time. The most valuable lesson I can share about presenting hands-on live at the front of a class – is always to expect the unexpected and have a backup plan when preparing for a presentation. So, my next challenge was to master Screen Recording software so I could record my practical demonstration of SAP Lumira as a backup – just in case if something goes wrong during the presentation.  I was fortunate enough not to have to resort to my ‘backup’ but I did see some classmates deploy the safety chute when the network, desktop or battery failed mid presentation. I decided to include my backup video as part of this weblog. So for my next trick, I discovered how easy it can be to embed a video into an SCN weblog. Below is the recording of my SAP Lumira demonstration.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

BCO6181 brings together SAP academia and the industry. In addition to the vast industry experience demonstrated by our instructor, we enjoyed a special insight into the SAP industry through world class guest presenters. My favourite was Alfonzo Venturi – the CIO of LeasePlan. We listened intently to insights and guidance for how to differentiate yourself from the ‘average guy’ and get and insider’s advantage when going for a new position.

I am personally looking forward to the upcoming Mastering SAP Technologies event where I will have the opportunity to improve my confidence to meet other SAP and industry experts. Of course, the biggest thrill will be to discuss some topics learnt from the BCO6181 course with the SAP Mentor group. I am told they are a group of highly experienced SAP practitioners who excel in sharing knowledge with the SAP community.

I authored this weblog in an attempt to help the next wave of ERP students enjoy life in the SAP ecosystem. Always try to bridge the gap between SAP academia and the industry in a fun way. Build a social identity, learn to do your own research and reach out to other professionals. Who knows, our social networks may cross in the not too distant future.

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  • Hi Mira

    Nice blog. Amazing how LinkedIn can make a huge difference for professional networks and job opportunities. For me, it’s the main way recruiters seek me out for work

    Hope to see you in Melbourne. I’m at the conference too 🙂



    • Hi Colleen,

      Completely agree, it is incredible how important social networks are today. Maybe it will help me too find a new job.


      Mira 🙂

  • Hi Mira,

    Excellent blog on demonstrating the skills learnt in BCO6181. As a former student of the class I learnt so much and its great to see that you got the same out of it as I did. It’s amazing how much you learn and achieve in 12 weeks but it is definitely a time you’ll remember and reflect on throughout your career.



    • Hi Marco

      Totally agree, I have learnt a lot but also made some new friends too. BCO6181 was definitely my favourite class that I will remember and reflect on in the future.



  • Nice blog and video, Mira. It’s great to hear you are having fun with the current SAP technologies. Also like your more complete LinkedIn profile ;=)

    I look forward to your next blog on the Mastering SAP Technologies event in Melbourne!

  • Great article Mira!

    Can’t believe just how many new technologies there have been after I graduated!

    Seems like the subject was fun and encouraged creative thinking.

    Looking forward to more of your social presence and blogs! 🙂

    • Thanks Deniz,

      The subject was great fun and we still managed to learn a lot 😆 thanks to Tony and his way of sharing knowledge and creating enjoyable learning environment but also supporting and encouraging students to reach their potential.

      Now the semester is finished I will have more time for social networking 🙂



  • hi Mira

    nice blog!

    as I worked in SAP Lumira during my BI course I found it very useful and powerfu too in reporting.

    it seems SAP Application course tries to change our views and brings innovative and new thinking to our minds and I can see in your blog all these new design and thinking.

    Good luck

    • Thanks  Mary,

      Keeping up with the industry trends is important and this course truly opened my mind to the new possibilities.



  • Hi Mira

    Welcome to the SAP Community Network 😀

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Judging from your wordle it was a really interesting journey. I see some of my favorite SAP related topics in there.

    I like the “expect the unexpected” as it reminds me of how small the world really is and how powerful a community and you social presence can actually be, this community in fact is super powerful.

    I would really encourage you to keep discovering, to keep on learning and to keep on sharing because it can really make you thrive. At some point we could meet, shake hands and talk to each other, in real life. That’s how small the world really is and that’s a great thing. I learned so much from becoming active in this community that I’m really convinced it’s beneficial for anyone to be active here.

    How did the event go (last day today), was it a new experience?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your kind feedback and encouragement. It is incredible to see how social networking erased borders and somehow made the world smaller place or I should say created one big united community. It provides endless opportunities to learn as well as share knowledge.

      I did not attend the event today but I can tell you that the Sunday Inside Track event was very interesting. The SAP mentors were fantastic, very supporting. I should mention Matthias Steiner who was sharing his insight on the cloud computing. Matthias, Graham Robinson and Paul Hawking came to our final BCO6181 class tonight, mingled with the students and shared some pizza as well. What a fun way to finish the semester!

      The SAP Community Network provides great opportunities and maybe one day we could meet by chance at one of the SAP’s events.



  • Hi Mira

    A great post, well done. The key takeaways for me in what you said are all about sharing, learning and presence. It’s a great time to be learning about SAP, and who better to learn from than the folks you have down. A solid base like that, coupled with a restless curiosity can only be further enhanced by the willingness, the default-mode, if you will, to share. A good consultant learns a lot. A great consultant learns a lot and shares even more.

    All the best


    • Hi DJ

      Indeed, it is great time for learning, with the great opportunities awaiting just a click away. I am glad that my curiosity (and a Google search) led me to the Victoria University which is part of the SAP University Alliance. ERP Applications BCO6181 was the best class I had thanks to my instructor Tony who made our journey enjoyable and learning much more fun than any other class I took.

      By the way, very well said about the consultants, I love it and will be quoting you 🙂 (hope you don’t mind).

      Kind regards


  • Hi Mira,

    Well written blog. I will bookmark it, so that in some years I can read back about the good old days at #BCO6181.