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Lumira v1.25 client performance on 4.7 million rows and 100 columns


I wanted to share some tests that I have been doing on behalf of a customer.

The customer wanted to know if the Lumira client could handle a record set of 1m to 5m rows with 100 columns.

With the challenge set, I created a record set  of 4.7 million records with 100 columns and loaded it into Lumira (as a CSV text file).  While the data loaded in 5m 40 seconds, I did get a couple of warning messages saying that I’m loading over 30 million cells of data.

See screenshot below of data loaded.

lumira screenshot.jpg

Once loaded the performance is excellent.

Doing my analysis is split second.

In the prepare mode, right clicking on a data value in the facets view (the “association with other data items”) was instant.  Creating charts and visuals was again instant.

Great work product team on the velocity engine and client performance.


lumira screenshot.jpg
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