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Getting Analytics, Predictive and Marketing all in one

You probably find good BI reports very useful. Predictive tools also provide great insight. We all want to model churn and be able to recommend products or services to keep customers from going to the competition. A customer experienced dropped calls, called the customer service, will complain on twitter; preemptively offering him a phone upgrade may change his mood. You want to detect rotational churn: offers to attract new customers are not aimed at existing customers. In some markets, you want to know about multi-SIM usage by deal-seekers. Everywhere, it is good to identify and predict subscribers nearing contract expiration who are not likely to renew.

To keep your business going, detecting dropped calls and analyzing complaints to your customer service is important. Even better if you combine this information with what your customers write about you and your competitors on twitter.


This sounds like managing big data, right, but you have big data already and the new IFRS 15 regulation also drives you in this direction, so let us embrace it! Talking about IFRS 15, checking the related KPIs will help on the road to compliance.

As a Telco, you want to see specific KPIs: monthly ARPU, number of postpaid accounts, calls with failure, number of outgoing SMS… Using them to create segmentation groups results in well-targeted campaigns. Drilling down to see them for a customer, you can solve specific issues, know your customers better and get new ideas.


Wouldn’t it be powerful to do it all on the same platform? With a unique front end having a sleek and intuitive interface? And at HANA speed? The good news is that it is possible and packaged in the Rapid Deployment Solutions for hybris Marketing and Predictive Analytics. Check out the details and demos and get ready to read between the lines (fixed and beyond) and use it.

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