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Hi Folks,

you know the SAP MaxDB online Training sessions – so called Expert Sessions – for SAP MaxDB Experts and Administrators?

The Session information can be downloaded for free.
You find the recording and slides of the past Expert Sessions here ->

Now the SAP MaxDB Development team delivered new information about most of the Expert Sessions in addiotnal slides News_2015

News are avaialable for :

  • Session 2: Basic Administration with Database Studio
  • Session 3: CCMS Integration into the SAP System
  • Session 4: Performance Optimization with SAP MaxDB
  • Session 5: SAP MaxDB Data Integrity
  • Session 7: SAP MaxDB Software Update Basics
  • Session 8: New Features in SAP MaxDB Version 7.8
  • Session 10: SAP MaxDB Logging
  • Session 12: Analysis of SQL Locking Situations
  • Session 13: Third-Party Backup Tools
  • Session 14: SAP MaxDB Tracing
  • Session 19: SAP MaxDB Database Parameters
  • Session 20: SAP MaxDB Remote SQL Server
  • Session 21: SAP MaxDB DBM Server
  • Session 22: SAP MaxDB Database Analyzer

Please use these new slides in combination with the session related slides and recordings to be up to date.

Regards, Christiane

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