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SAP Lumira unified layout for story pages

Right now, when you create a new page in a Lumira story, you have to choose between Infographic, Report, or Board.  While this gives you a lot of choice, some users find it confusing:  Why can I do something in a Board but not an Infographic?  What if I want all the functionality in a single page? What if I change my mind about the format  after I’ve created a page?

In an upcoming release of Lumira Desktop, Lumira Cloud, and Lumira Server for HANA,  there will be just one type of page. The new page format is based on an Infographic page. You may have noticed in the last release that we enhanced the Infographics to contains some of the features of Boards and Reports: refresh on open, different page sizes (4:3, 16:9 or continuous scrolling), and long scrolling tables, etc. Of course, the other functionality from Reports and Boards will be added to Infographics as well. All your existing stories will be automatically converted when you open them in the new release once we finalized the unification.

Why are we moving to a single page format?

We want to make it easier to create story pages that have all the Lumira functionality in the same page. We also want to reduce confusion for end users.

What about all my existing Boards and Reports?

All your existing Board and Report pages will be automatically converted to the new format when they are opened. End users may not even notice the change! All the look & feel, plus all the functionality is preserved.

Stay tuned for more updates …

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