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HANA Performance Test Benchmarks

HANA Performance Test Benchmarks

For the past 7 months, my team has been part of a very large HANA migration for a Fortune 100 company.  This total migration moved almost 60TB of data
into a BW 7.4 on HANA environment, which we then benchmarked against the legacy system.  The previous system was standard BW 7.3 on Oracle.  Comparing results between the systems provided us a clear indication of the HANA systems benefits.

BW on HANA Query Performance vs. Oracle – 13.9 times faster

Over 75 queries were tested across 7 different business areas and we found that the HANA system was an average of 13.9 times faster than the legacy Oracle system.  The average run time across all queries was brought down from 162 seconds on Oracle to just over 15 seconds on HANA.

Certain areas that were tested revealed improvements that well surpassed the average. We noted certain examples of very large queries taking over 10 minutes to run on Oracle that were executed in 1 second or less on HANA (Nearly 700x faster).

The majority of the query performance came from the data manager which was 28x faster at query runtime when compared to Oracle.  OLAP processing time was also cut in half on HANA.

BW on HANA Data Load Performance vs. Oracle – 52% faster

Several hundred data load jobs were also tested during this benchmark.  No changes were made to the data loads going into the HANA environment.  We saw an overall performance increase of 52% for data loads into HANA vs. the Oracle environment.  Significant improvements were found in the data activation portion of the loading process with some activations being performed over 250 times faster than their Oracle counterparts.

As an example, the financial stream realized an 85% improvement in total data load times with a large portion of that improvement coming from the data activation stage.


The customer had some of the data in the BWA system, and what we saw was performance increases between 1.29 and 6.11 times faster than BWA. The average performance increase was 3.19 times faster (319%). In  other words, if a query ran in BWA at 30 seconds, it took less than 10 seconds with HANA. These performance increases came mostly from the fact that many of query calculations (i.e. calculated key figures) in now done in memory at the HANA level, while BWA has limited support for this.

In fact, the more calculations and complex the queries got, the better HANA performed relative to BWA. This was even before we started moving some of
the logic to HANA views (not part of this project). In short, HANA is much faster than BWA


Overall these numbers represent a significant improvement across the board.  The HANA system tested here outperformed the Oracle system in every metric we tested it against with some of the best results to date (Query performance that is 694x faster in some cases).

I will keep posting these results as we complete more and more HANA migration in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned

Dr. Berg

VP SAP Business Intelligence


– The Business Intelligence Experts

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