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Why attend BI 2015 or HANA 2015 in Nice when you can find so much info online?

A customer today mentioned that they might not make it to SAPInsider’s BI 2015 event in Nice, France, because they can “just find the information online.” To me, that’s like saying “Why would I go to a soccer match I can watch on TV?”

This got me thinking from a customer standpoint. True, there are great resources available online. So, why would you want to take the time from work to attend BI 2015 and HANA 2015? Here’s why:

  1. Our conferences are in Nice! If you’re going to leave the office, I can’t think of a better place to receive your SAP training than on the Mediterranean (Here’s a list of ‘Best Things to Do in Nice”).
  2. Peer networking – Reading blog posts is just not the same as interacting with other customers who are dealing with the same challenges you are, or who have already been there and have an answer for you.
  3. Hands-on labs – Sit down at a laptop and work through guided exercises with experts on hand to provide immediate answers to your questions.
  4. Access to leading experts – Our expert faculty is there to answer your most pressing questions. Plus, bringing SAP experts to your office for just a few hours will cost you more than the price of the full event. (Here is a list of our HANA experts, and a list of our BI experts
  5. Meet with our sponsors and exhibitors to see for yourself how SAP and third-party technologies fit into your IT infrastructure.
  6. Career building – It can never hurt to meet old and new professionals in your industry!  …. There is always some interesting information and opportunities you can find out about at the cocktail reception that you just won’t get on Linked In.

  7. Be ahead of the game – Instead of taking time to navigate through massive amounts of unrelated information online, get everything you need in three short days, with access to all of the conference materials via download when you return home.
  8. Team building – Bring your business and IT organizations to advance collaboration and boost the success of your SAP initiatives!

Just a few of my thoughts…let me know what you think!  Make your SAP training a top priority and take the time to evaluate the educational programmes for BI 2015 and HANA 2015

I hope to see you in Nice!

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