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The first aircraft which can order its replacement part and maintenance crew automatically before it arrives at it final destination

I attended the SAPPHIRE NOW keynote session from Steve Singh, CEO of Concur, and member of the SAP Global Managing Board. He included some compelling use cases in his session to illustrate how business networks give customers a competitive edge in delivering their promise to customers in today´s digital economy.

Here is the scenario I most liked because it helped me to better understand the value of connected business networks particular in the aerospace industry. This is what he presented as a use case:

Airplanes today are being built with many sensors monitoring and reporting on critical parts conditions for maintenance purpose. Let´s assume a large aircraft manufacturer has connected these sensors to the Ariba Business Network.

13-05-2015 13-26-56.png

Image 1: Aircraft notifies the network that a part needs replacement

When a part needs to be serviced or replaced, the operating airline of this aircraft automatically notifies the network to schedule maintenance or replacement services within a relatively time frame.

13-05-2015 13-14-33.png

Image 2: The Ariba network procures the part

The business network determines the ideal time and location for this repair. Then through the Ariba network the parts gets procured and delivered to a predetermined location at a predetermined time. The Ariba network connects to the Fieldglass newtork and recommends a specialist team that is best suited to install that replacement part and coordinates to have that team there at the right time and location.

13-05-2015 13-01-02.png

Image 3: Via the Fieldglass and Concur network all travel and staffing requirements can be managed automatically

In fact that would then connect to the Concur network to book travel and to follow expenses on behalf of that repair team. And because that airline manufacturer is running SAP, the maintenance and financial systems get automatically updated.

Different parts of the ecosystem are being prompted into action through the network automatically – that´s the value of connected business networks.


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