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The Current Portion Of A Long Term Debt(CPLTD)

For MM, part of the flows(called Current portion) like installment repayment can be handled seperately from the deal itself(different VC).

And it’s archived by TPM15M.

It’s provided via soft modifaction before (note 1515125 )  but the good news is it’s released as standard functionality via note 1776554.

Steps in TPM15M(of course it must be avalilable which means one of the above 2 notes should be applied).

        1,  set the flag ‘OTC transactions’

        2,  choose the option ‘General Valuation Class’ for the selection of the outgoing position

        3,  specify the general valuation class for CPLTD (as defined in  customizing) as the target valuation class

then  the parameter ‘Horizon for Current Portion’ can be specified (below the key date of the valuation class  transfer) will be shown.

The system will then determine the amount which is scheduled  to be repaid between the key date and the date ‘Horizon of Current
Portion’. This amount can then be transfered from the current valuation  class of the deal (generally long term) to the current portion of long term.

Main customizing:




Transaction Manager

  General Settings


      Settings for Position Management

        Define and Assign Valuation Classes

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  • Hi,

    I have assigned SAC gross method for amortization. Created a transaction at discount. I am tying to do tpm15m. Does it work in case of amortization method?