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Equipment/instruction/FL Task list With Operation long text LSMW

Hi all,

In the last month i was searching for a solution to integrate a long text in the long description text for my operations at the task list level, and i was really surprised by the amount of open topics with no clear answer. So, I found with the help of one of my colleagues how to do it:


This document is a complete view on the LSMW 0470 Object with 0000 Method.


In this document you will find the structure of the mapping & the LSMW trick & tips :


Object Attribute :


Maintain Source Field  :

The Source Fields definition : it’s a 5 files LSMW

Please note the the Field (BOM_USAGE == Task list Group counter)

LSMW 1.png

Please note that the structure in the system is defined on 72 CAR for the Long text (STR_TEXT-TEXT) description but you must set it at 40.
If you want to get some errors change it 😀
😆 😐

Maintain Structure Relationship  :

Maintain Field Mapping  :

The Tcode must be changed to IA01 for Equipment Task list or IA05 for Instruction Task list ot IA11 for FL task list :

Task list Header  :

Task list header.png

Operations list :

task list operations.png

The First Tip is in the long text mapping :

Rule for long text.png

Please note again : Even if the IBIPTEXT-TXLINE is a 72 CAR you must map it with a 40 CAR field.


For a long description containing 200 CAR for the Operation with “OP_IDENTIFICATION = OP0000023”

The file will be like this :

Exemple for a CSV file :


OP0000023; SAP ERP was built comprising the former

OP0000023; SAP R/3. SAP R/3 through version 4.6c co

OP0000023; nsisted of various applications on top o

OP0000023; f SAP Basis, SAP’s set of middleware

The result is this :

SAP long text.png

Task list component :

Task list component.png

Maintenance Packages :

Task list strategy.png

Specify Files  :


Create Batch Input session  :


And the last tip is the processing mode : ==> Call Transaction.
The best part.png


If you found this post interesting or useful, please consider rating it 😀

If you have any questions regarding the Maintenance LSMW Objects. I will be available to answer it ASAP.

Kind Regards,

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      Author's profile photo Jogeswara Rao K
      Jogeswara Rao K

      Well done Karim,

      Will be useful to many. Keep sharing your knowledge.

      Also, Congratulations on your first Document (Blog).

      Best of Luck


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank You Jogeswara, I learned sharing from you.

      Kind regards,
      Karim Es.

      Author's profile photo swapnil rajane
      swapnil rajane

      Hi Karim,

      Its really very true that there are very rare threads on LSMW with direct input method.The information which you share is really very important,useful and appreciable and its really going to help a lot for me and others team member.Keep it up....



      Author's profile photo swapnil rajane
      swapnil rajane

      Hi Karim,

      Based on your documents I successfully created the LSMW for tcode IA01 using the direct input.Thanks a tonne for your efforts.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Swapnil,

      I'm very happy to hear it from you 🙂 .

      Kind Regards,

      Author's profile photo Mika Yan
      Mika Yan

      Hi Karim,

      It's very useful, thank you for sharing,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Yassine,

      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Karim

      Can I use this solution to update existing taks list? ( IA06  )

      I need to update longtext for operations in task list.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Aurelien,

      LSMW (Recording/IBIP--Change mode Is Not available in STD SAP ) can not help you In this case.


      Author's profile photo Sunil Gupta
      Sunil Gupta

      Hi Karim,

      What value to pass for TL_IDENTIFICATION and OP_IDENTIFICATION.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Karim,

      Thanks a lot boss. Your post is very much helpful and will be in future as well to many consultants. Through your post I learnt how the direct input method lsmws work with multiple hierarchial file structure. Thankyou very much.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Karim,


      Is it possible to contact you to get more info on your post above?

      Thank you Emanuel

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I am struggling currently with LSMW for creating  Functional Location Task List  – tcode IA11. I need to create Task List header with operations only. I followed your guidelines but my LSMW has created only Task Lists without operations. When I try to follow the steps in the foreground – system does not enter operation view. Here are the screen shots of structure and files:

      Display Read:

      display convert:


      There must be something wrong durign convertion as the above screen should look different.Hierarchy and Structure columns should be filled in with data but those are empty. 

      And first 4 records from header and operation file. LOSBS value is not read so doe snto matter.



      And is it possible to update operations in existing Task List  via same LSMW?


      thank you in advance for tips.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Bartosz,

      Did you try to investigate if the missing Operation identifier field is the reason for the failure.




      Author's profile photo Miljenko Kranjec
      Miljenko Kranjec

      Hi Bartosz,

      I have the same problem, did you resolve your issue? If yes, how?



      Author's profile photo Miljenko Kranjec
      Miljenko Kranjec

      I resolved this issue, see inserted picture. Also here are links that helped me.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very well written document on Task List LSMW. It was very helpful.

      Author's profile photo Guillermo Munaico Abanto
      Guillermo Munaico Abanto

      Hi everybody,

      i try configure the LSMW but i have a problem, in the operation structure when i read the files

      Any help? ...




      Author's profile photo Mahak Jain
      Mahak Jain


      I need to add Classes and characterstics to the existing equipment, Kindly help me which method would be good in lsmw and also provide code if you have means structure and mapping part.


      Author's profile photo Shrinivas y
      Shrinivas y

      Hi Experts,


      I have created General Task List through standard Batch input recording have query on assignment of maintenance package

      Though in template i have assigned different package for all operations but for all operation package is same i need different frequency. some where i missed any input please