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BCO6181 – BRFPLUS: Learning how to Learn: A Journey into the Cloud

Semester 1 – 2015

Victoria University

Lecturer – Tony De Thomassis


Blog on SAP BRFPLUS and how I arrived here through attending classes in BCO6181


At the start of the semester, we were taught that the Cloud would be the central focus of our lectures. A run down of SAP, specifically SAP HANA and the Cloud, InMemory Database Technology, Industry Trail Blazers, evolution of In Memory Technology, where it is heading and Social Media and the impact it has in the IT World.    Along the way though, other more contemporary aspects of modern SAP Technology and techniques on how to obtain information to develop our career, see where the Industry is heading with guest presenters from the Industry.

The moment:

In week 2, Tony introduced the class to SAP NetWeaver BRFPLUS -> “Business Rules Framework” on a MiniSAP Environments in our Virtual Environment.

From that night, I’ve been hooked by BRFPLUS and I wanted to learn everything BRFPLUS and continue to do so.


Having worked with the SAP GUI (traditional user interface(UI))for over 10 years, we were introduced to Web Dynpro and SAP Netweaver Technology.

After years of working with the traditional SAP GUI to get a new look UI, Web Based, modern was terrific in itself.

Having Programmed at University in Java and now having a transaction that is user friendly to both developers and end users adds new dimension.

The old way of application development:

1. The customer Application needs to be changed/created.

2. Log a request with the developers, wait long periods of time, pay large sums of money for a new/changed app

3. Potential poor communication between IT and the business may prove disastrous for the business.

The BRFPLUS way:

Control of developing/changing customer specific application moved closer towards the business with less dependence on traditional IT thus empowering the Business to create and manage the change more effectively by making business specific platforms easier to create and manage.

The Class Room SetUp:

With the tools provided to the class which included, a virtual environment platform, a MiniSAP  (MiniWas) environment, logging into to brfplus in SAP: Trancode: “BRFPLUS” and correcting errors in account settings in Trancode: “SICF”, a BRFPLUS in SAP Netweaver Environment for Development of applications was created.

The Presentation:

Base on content provided in CD 160 (referenced below), BRFPLUS Simulated Application for the Sale of sporting goods incorporating the basics

of BRFPLUS with defined business rules such as the sale of goods under $100 USD that have shipping costs added.

Video Presentation:


Key Aspects of Learnings from BCO6181

  • Introduced to Cloud Technology in a simulated environment
  • Use of Social Media such as LinkedIn and Twitter as methods to build a professional profile,

        build Networks and obtain important information

  • A framework provided where the individual student can find their passion in the SAP World
  • Exposure to Industry Professionals and Events
  • Information sharing and collaboration opportunities among Students


CD 160 SAP Netweaver Decision Service Management – A Paradigm Shift, Ziegler, C., Held, A. Nov. 2013

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