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Batch split during outbound delivery

I have read many queries regarding automatic batch split during creation of outbound delivery, when sufficient stock is available but still batch split occurs. I think given details may help to understand batch split.

The batches are selected automatically if search procedure is in place.

Navigation path: SPRO > Logistics General > Batch Management > Batch Determination & Batch Check > Batch Search Procedure Definition > Define Sales & Distribution Search Procedure)
Assign: Batch Search Strategies to the Procedure

Search Procedure.jpg

Batch search procedure have different access sequence, based on this access sequence batches are searched for proposed combination.

As mentioned above the procedure ‘ZD0001’ has two access sequence ‘ZD05’ and ‘ZD03’

Navigation path: SPRO > Logistics General > Batch Management > Batch Determination & Batch Check > Access Sequences > Define Sales & Distribution Access Sequences)

ZD05 search sequence.png

ZD03 search sequence.png

Access sequence ‘ZD05’ and ‘ZD03’ has multiple combinations which will be used to search available batches.

The strategy used with access sequence defines if the batch split will occur or not. Here strategy ‘ZD05’ is not configured for batch split. whereas ‘ZD03’ is configured for batch split with number of splits

-(SPRO > Logistics General > Batch Management > Batch Determination & Batch Check > Strategy Types > Define Sales & Distribution Strategy Types)
– Define:
> Selection Class: Class (different from batch class) which contains only those characteristics using which batch must be selected.
> Sort Sequence: Using which characteristics, batches must be sorted
> Batch splits: number of allowed batch splits during batch determination



So if record is found in access sequence ‘ZD05’, no batch split will occur as ‘ZD05’ is not configured with batch split. If you observe delivery no XXXXXXXX and check batch analysis. You will find condition record is not found for access sequence ‘ZD05’. The search procedure has found access sequence for ‘ZD03’ which is configured for batch split and hence the batch split occurred for given delivery.

Batch Analysis.jpg



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  • Hello Navanath Shinde,

    Very helpful. I have an issue that when i do confirm transfer order and then my delivery auto split into some line with the same batch.

    900001 300 batch X

    900002 300 batch X

    900003 300 batch X.

    In my case do not using search procedure for batch split

    I do not know how to fix it. Could you give me suggestion ?

  • Hello Navnath Shinde,

    This Blog is very nice and helpful.

    I have done automatic batch determination in delivery and it’s working fine.

    the issue is when i do delivery of 5 Qty and having stock of Batch A-2 qty & batch B-3 qty. system only do batch split for batch A with 5 qty.

    is it possible to split qty automatically while creating delivery.


    Thanks and Regards,