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PowerBuilder Education

Hi There

For a start off, I am perfectly aware that I am not the person who should be writing about PowerBuilder Education. There are at least a handful of folk I know who have been the mainstay of delivering courses and expert help on PowerBuilder to people in the last decade.

I would like to bring up an Education subject though.

How do we teach PowerBuilder from now on?

1.. Should Appeon produce the subject by subject videos on “Designing a Free Form Data Window” or “Populating a TreeView”?

2.. Should they publish Webinars such as:, “Advanced Topics PowerBuilder”, “Enhancements when your Target is the Web” ?

3.. Should there be three day courses: “An Introduction to PowerBuilder with Appeon” ,”Using STD Foundation Classes“?

Whats the best platform or platforms?

I love a course. I believe meeting with a knowledgeable instructor has always delivered far more value than the syllabus. Unfortunately I believe that this cannot be the standard method of teaching PowerBuilder in todays business world.

I am over 55 so my approach is probably not whats needed here.

Suggestions anyone?

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  • Hi Brett

    We still deliver PB training in a class room environment, although bespoke to the needs of the customer. I believe that the focused class is much more productive, we do not get much call for it these days but probably do it once a year.

    Education is only an issue if there is marketing to get new customers. Existing customers will train their own people although we do get asked for an intro to PB for new staff sometimes.

    The community is very strong for the “how do I?” question so I wonder if education is such a big issue right now?



  • Over 55 equals experience and knowledge.

    You were on target with your points and they were discussed at the recent Powerbuilder conference. 

    One suggestion was trying to have Powerbuilder included in College courses.  Of course, it would need to be ‘cool’ again. Presentations at the conference showed just how ‘cool’ it can be.  There are Powerbuilder apps in the Apple Store.  The fascinating guy who wrote it is new to Powerbuilder (self taught) and I would guess early 40’s. His first version 12.5.

    Another presentation, a company in Texas, the screen is amazing.  In addition to using Powerbuilder, it calls Google Maps, plots locations and calls Javascript. This may bring more ‘new’ developers into the mix and college level courses?   Local night classes at high schools may want to be considered.  So many have had the software for so long I am sure its never crossed their minds to see whats new. They wouldn’t go looking on the Internet

    for classes but if it came to them in a community posting might attract attention.

    There were Powerbuilder classes at the conference in Charlotte.  Persons had to fly in 2 days prior to the conference to take advantage. From what I saw ( didn’t attend)  it was very well received and attended, I believe.  Matt Balent would be more qualified to speak

    to this as he organizes the Conferences.

    You Tube was also discussed.  The most obvious choice to do the videos is the most active member of the Powerbuilder community at this point. He provides free frameworks to the community, answers many of the questions posted here, works a full time job and I believe does some consulting.  Not enough hours in the day for him to also make videos.  Yes, I asked.  [ Send address where I send donuts:) ]

    You Tube is a tough one.  After the conference ( and I would believe for others if they had classes) I was energized enough that I am again working after hours on PB,  Modernization, getting to web and hopefully eventually Appeon.  Before being with other PB people,

    I was just doing my work and collecting the check. If I am successful thought about You Tube videos but then you have to brace yourself for the rude remarks.

    Good Question on Appeon classes ( Armeen listening? )  I know there are You Tube videos are there classes?

  • As an alternative to in-person classroom training, we’d used a company called ReadyTech to host virtual classrooms.  It’s pretty amazing technology.

    From an architecture standpoint, it’s really nothing more than hosted VM images that the students remote into.  The instructor gets a special administration console that lets them see every student’s desktop, or take control if necessary.  You can organize the students into workgroups and have them collaborate on exercises.  All very reasonably priced.  It’s pay as you go, based on the size of the VMs, the number of students per day.


    I suggest Yakov Werde’s online classes at ELearnIT.  We recently had a new developer join our team at a client of ours who is 24, a recent college grad, with Java and C# experience.  We enrolled him in both the intro and advanced classes.  These classes are self-paced online, and overall pretty good.  Yakov taught PB at Sybase for about 15 years, so he knows his stuff.  To enhance his learning experience, I sat with him for an hour or so at a time and reviewed his work and filled in some blanks.

    I have taught over 2000 people PB over the years.  For the last several years I have used 3rd party courseware (also very good) for instructor led classes.  But for singletons ELearnIT is the best way to go.