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Configuring and using the Business Card Scanner in SAP Cloud for Customer for the Android Phone

This document outlines how to configure and use the Business Card Scanner functionality available with the C4C SaaS offering from SAP.

To setup Business Card scanner you need to first obtain the license key from ABBYY.

Visit for more details.


You will receive an e-mail from ABBYY with Application Name & password.


Then as a Key User login to Cloud for customer, navigate to Administrator  Mash-up Web services

You will find a pre-delivered web service called “Business Card Scanner Service” select that and maintain the API Key, i.e basic_username = <Application Name>, basic_password = <password> (as provided by ABBYY via the email outlined above)


Please see the end to end lead capture via business card scanning flow outlined in a series of screenshots below:

Step 1: Open the Cloud for Customer app on the Android Phone


Step 2: Navigate to Leads by touching the screen appropriately


Step 3: Once the leads are listed, touch the screen on the top right graphic


Step 4: Select the Scan menu to activate the Android Phone camera. Set the business card on a flat surface and center it in the frame offered for scanning the business card with steady hands (Information on display below is redacted for privacy)


Step 5: Take a satisfactory photo and touch OK to further process the operation (Information on display below is redacted for privacy)


Step 6: C4C sends the scan to ABBYY


Step 7: ABBYY processes the image for information recognition


Step 8: ABBYY sends back the information extracted from the image (Information on display below is redacted for privacy)


Step 9: Scroll down further to see other related information for this new lead


Step 10: Touch Save and Close from the menu accessible via the top right of the screen to update and save the information


Step 11: A confirmation message regarding the new lead information is shown on the screen, touch OK (Information on display below is redacted for privacy)


Step 12: The new lead scanned into C4C with the business card scanner is displayed in the list of leads (Information on display below is redacted for privacy)


Step 13: Navigate back to the menu of the C4C Android Phone application


We hope you enjoy this convenient functionality offered up with SAP Cloud for Customer and capture leads Simply and get to Engage Your Customers Like Never Before.

Thank you.

P.S. – The following is the error message you get in case you have exceeded your quota of scans provided by your license to the ABBYY business card scanning engine.


A BIG THANK YOU to Sushant Potdar for the help in getting the screenshots of the business card scanner in action on the Android Phone application.

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    • Hi Pushkar,

      Thanks for your sharing.

      I Download “Business Card Reader Free”, can Scan and analysis card.

      Then I run Cloud4CustEx occur error, as shown below


      I run Cloud4Cust, occur error too.


      Because the App is free version?

      Thank you for your help.

      Best regards,


    • Hello Pushkar,

      I tried the above scenario. I was able to get the App name, and password from Abbys. I gave the credentials in Mashup Webservices and activated it.


      In my ANDROID App, when i went to the LEADS workcenter view, There is no SCAN option at all.

      I am using the latest C4C Extended edition app on my android mobile.


      Is there any setting/ configuration that I am missing?

      I could not find anything else apart from what is given in this document.




  • Hello Puskhar,

    Very nice blog it is.

    Could you tell me how long it will to receive an e-mail from ABBYY with Application Name & password.

    Because I have created application in ABBY as per the blog. But still I have not got any mail.

    Do I need to select any pricing in STORE Tab??

    I want to do free trial test first.

    Thanks and Regards

    Santosh K

    +91- 8867793338




  • How does Abby OCR behaves when one does not have any Internet connection. E.g. being on a trade-fair we may have some outage of the Internet connection. Are we still able to enter the lead and scan the Business Card and the OCR will then be executed once Internet connection is available again?


    Kind regards



  • Pushkar,

    Its been 2 years since this blog was written and much has changed. Can SAP confirm if this is still being supported by SAP C4C? I dont see a scan option on leads as of now on the extended app which I believe is a web app and not a native app. Please let us know what is the best way to approach for card scanner solution.


  • Hello,

    it seems that the service is still not available for extended app.

    Do you have any news concerning this issue?


    Thanks a lot