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6 Qualities that you may need to be a good SAP Consultant

First off all every SAP consultant or SAP consultant candidate must accept that SAP and SAP ecosystem is being re-imagined.  You need set up your own strategy to be the part of this new world.  While I am preparing mine, I have prepared this pack:


A good meal is only cooked by fresh, good looking and healthy ingredients. So in order to offer good solutions in the new era, you need to investigate, research and get accurate information about SAP’s new offerings.  Everyday reserve 1 hour, to read articles, technical papers or success stories.

Start to learn now from here : SAP S/4HANA Journey Map


Sharing information is one the most important success factor for a consultant who wants to be a pathfinder in the market. So do not stay as only a follower or reader, just share your own thoughts, ideas or success stories by contributing related topics in especially here in Sap Community Network.

Good space to contribute when ready to contribute : SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing

Be a what – to – do type of consultant.

You may be smart in SAP solutions, technically perfect, however customers are not really interested in how-to type of consultants any more in this era. They are not interested in how good you are in technically about the SAP solutions. They need values from you. You need to offer solutions to the customers which will impact their business positively. So you need to tell them what- to- do instead of how-to-do. New era in SAP Consultancy

Be Agile

Customers need fast acting consultants, do not waste time to offer a solution, if you are not sure which option best fits, just propose most applicable options with pros and cons to the customer, find the best fit one with the customer.

Be Positive

Do not be a type of consultant who spends time to convince that customer is not right. Be positive and focus on which is running and applicable. Do not interested in what others are offering or do not try to demonstrate that other parties’ offerings are bad. Bring solutions and happiness to your customers.

Be Reachable

Built a relationship both among in customers and consultants that, you are the one who can bring the cure. People loves consultants who  really likes the problems and issues. So never run away from customers and their problems. Gently face those issues. Keep in mind; next time those customers will only remember the one who helped them. Every problem comes with an opportunity.

Update on 28.05.2015 : Title changed in order to be in-line with the content.



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  • Hi Sarhan

    Valid points but nowhere in this blog do you actually mention specific skills for S/4HANA. I’m all for catchy titles … so long as they have some bearings on the content and aren’t just click bait.



    • Hi Colleen, many thanks for your comment, I got your concerns, I used S/4 HANA as the symbol of the new era. I mean S/4 HANA represents, HANA Live, Simple Finance, Fiori, Cloud and beyond.

      However I’ll change the title of the article to be more clear.

    • I agree with you Colleen.

      There here is no reference to S4H in this article, I would also point out all of the skills are consistent for consulting as a whole within SAP.

      Sarhan Polatates have you got any experiences of S4H?  Rather than amend the title can you add some specific content around S4H?

      • Hi Mark, many thanks for your comment that gave me another chance to express more what I tried to do here. Also it is great to have comment from Bluefin Solutions Limited so I can send greetings to great man John Appleby 🙂

        I think your question has the anwser, in the new era SAP consultancy will be S4H centric consultancy. I have tried to underline this reality.

        Your other question was about my S4HANA experience. I will use John Appleby‘s great article regarding S4HANA:

        S4HANA OP is (at the moment ) Suite on HANA + S innovations (Simple Finance 2.0) + HANA Live + Fiori + Simple Logistics (Planned to be released Q3’2105)

        I am holding C_HANASUP_1 certificate which I have cleared in Feb’2014, contributed several BW and BPC on HANA projects. Started first S4HANA Customer care program in Turkey as the sponsor in March’2015. Just started another S4HANA customer Care program for another project couple of days ago. Installed first S4HANA OP on certified IBM 512 GB HANA instance after it was available in Feb’2015.

        Addition to this I have started SAP consultancy in 1995 with R/3 version 2.2C. You can see more here in my linkedin profile :

        Hope I am more clear 🙂



        • Hi Sarhan

          I get your inspiration and symbolism. Unfortunately, S/4HANA is the latest of the new toys/buzz words floating around. I sit back with popcorn as I was people update their LinkedIn profiles and resumes claiming to be an expert in this area when they only know the sales brochure level of detail. I am in no way accusing you of that – I’m still stuck on the sales brochure level of knowledge trying to get to the next stage (I would love to get my hands on a system and tinker with it).

          However, with inspiration in your title you still have a disconnect to your words. Mark makes a valid point – your viewpoints apply as much now as they do in the “new world of SAP”

          Why  not add some reasons why you believe this skills and attributes are even more important in the S/4 generation. Based on your experience, you could add so much more value explaining your personal journey and how you have had to change your approach on an S4HANA customer, etc.

          In doing this you would (1) get the attention of your audience with your catchy title (2) sustain their interest through relatable advise and hopefully (3) trigger a discussion of what the community thinks would be of value in the new SAP world

          It’s your blog and your decision as to your inspiration vs content but at the moment it still has a click bait grab of attention and no follow through. With your passion, it could be more.



          • Hi Colleen, I have totally changed the title, since the main purpose of the article has got dirty too much. May be I can create a new one especially focused on S/4 HANA in future, for sure not in this space or scn.



          • hello Sarhan, please don’t get frustrated. Collen is the moderator and she got to do what she got to do. If you take things with a broad mind, there is a reason why she say so.So take it easy, don’t give up and don’t go away. Stay.

  • No Sam, I am not giving up, I am trying to show the young consultants what to do, when they are not understood and not wellcomed..

    1. I have tried to gently explain in detail what is my purpose.

    2. I have tried to express myself and my background.

    3. Still not clear, then this community or moderation is not appropriate for me.

    4. So I do not want to waste my time or my energy or my passion in an arrogant environment. (Please read Colleen’s and Mark’s first comments)



    • Dear Sarhan,

      Your intention to share thoughts and experience is well taken here. An individual have to be extra ordinary to reach that level and you are right up there. However for some silly reason if you go away, we all will lose together as a team. Everyone make mistakes. So shrug off any criticism or sarcasm. You came here with an objective, so do it. There is an old saying that it doesn’t matter how many time you fall down. What matters is how soon you can get up and fight again.So don’t give up.



  • Sarhan, no disrespect but you might want to read ‘Build a Better Blog’ series (starts here) and also some tips from John Appleby  here.

    “Keep learning, be positive, don’t be a total jerk and oh hey, here is a link to my other blog”. Surely you can do better.

  • This article is posted to the Career Center. I have found the ideas of Sarhan very valuable for young consultants who wants a career at SAP. I think some comments are  very sarcasting and not helping. Thanks for this well organized ideas Sarhan.

    To those WHO donot know Sarhan, Sarhan is one of the best SAP HANA Professionals in EMEA region.

    • Agree with Taner, some comments are sarcastic and unnecessary.

      Why do “so many” want to pick on the OP? “Respectfully or disrespectfullly” we might be (high probability) driving a valuable member away from SCN community. And that is a shame! 🙁

      This blog is helpful for many!


      added: “the most wanted SAP consultant in the new Era” is a bit extravagant and ostentatious 😉

      but I guess it is a culture thing and who know by following these tips, over a long period of time one might just become a “good” SAP consultant.

  • Hi Sarhan

    Your title matches your content now. Must admit thought, after seeing your high level overview of your skill set you have me very interesting in want to hear your opinion of career and skills within HANA. It’s very much a topic that would be welcomed here and you have the passion to contribute to such a valuable discussion

    I like some of the skills/attributes that you mention. Agile is such a great point. Our timeframes are a heap more condenced and customers want answers now. But then to achieve that you need knowledge and training to be on top of your game and become a trusted advisor to your customer/client/employer

    Thanks for your contribution



  • Hi Sarhan –

    I think what you were eluding to are three key things.

    1. KNOW what the road map is for S/4HANA (by industry / process areas).

    2. UNDERSTAND where the customer is and what they need.

    3. PRESCRIBE how the customer can get there leveraging S/4HANA.

    The context to Colleen’s point is important. 

    That’s why I think #1 is critical.

    Best regards,

    Bill Newman