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What is IOT for a connected mine? (Features Steve Lucas repairing a mine truck on stage at SAPPHIRE NOW)

Let’s be clear: this is the internet of really big things. Besides being gigantic, a mining truck, like the Caterpillar 797, is a really expensive

machine. Far more important – the truck defines the throughput of mine to a large degree. While the truck is out of operations, you loose a lot of money for the mine. Any unplanned breakdown is a big problem.


Can we improve this with IOT in a connected mine?















Each truck carries sensors, embedded systems, and edge databases.

Continuously, those sensors capture live “health data” of the truck. We can connect to these embedded systems and use our SAP HANA Cloud Platform as a collection point when the truck is back online.

With this information we can give the mine operator a full picture of the current situation in his mine as shown in the picture

on the left. One truck is highlighted (in orange) with a predicted failure.

The operator selects this truck to view more information on this vehicle (picture in the middle) – including business information like availability, utliization and KPIs such as “mean to before failure”. In addition, the operator gets an overview of the current alerts for this vehicle – in our case the predicted failure of the engine within the next 5 days.


The operator needs more details on the problem and further drills down into the alert and the prediction (picture on the right). He sees that the engine problem is caused by the radiator, and gets additional information on next planned maintenance, spare part number required, and availability.


To complete the process, the operator directly takes action, and creates a maintenance notification in the back-end system. And if the spare part is not available he can go even one step further into Ariba to reorder the parts (or have the system do this automatically). So the parts will be there in time for the repair, and the truck’s radiator will be repaired before the predicted failure.


With IOT solutions from SAP, we can close the loop from the sensors at the edge, into the business process – end-to-end.


Steve Lucas presented this great integrated IOT scenario for Mining at SAPPHIRE NOW – and he explained how you can do this with SAP.



Enjoy Steve Lucas in the role of a mine truck service technician on stage:

How SAP is Accelerating Internet of Things Adoption for Customers | SAPPHIRE NOW ONLINE

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