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How G/L tolerance/clearing works. Step by Step.


OB57- Assign users tolerance group.


Here we are creating a blank tolerance group which is assigned to userid. However at step no: 2 (Tolerance group for users) can created as ‘abc’ and that can be assigned to the step no:1.



OBA4 –FI Tolerance group for users


Amount per document  determines that the user has a privilege to  post a transaction  maximum up to the specified amount per document/invoice. Amount per open item pertains only to Customer/Vendor line items (F-43,F-22) and not to G/L line items (F-02) Percentage specified in Cash discount field determines the upper limit of  discount which user is authorized to process.

This permitted payment difference apply to the open item managed g/l clearing account and during Customer/Vendor payment clearing.  During clearing process system considers  which ever is the lowest whether the specified amount or the percentage.

Cash discount adjusted field applies during customer/vendor payment clearing. Amount specified in cash discount adjustment will add to the already existing discount conditions. If the payment received is less than the supposed amount and if the difference is not more than the amount specified in this field, system consider this as additional discount and it will reflect in the g/l assigned for discount loss/gain.


OBA0-Tolerance for groups of G/L account in local currency


Here tolerance for groups of G/L account purely for open item managed g/l clearing account. eg; GR/IR,payable a/c, other clearing a/c which you want to clear manually or automatically.During clearing process system considers  which ever is the lowest whether the specified amount or the percentage. Also system consider the lowest amount from both the conditions specified in oba4 and oba0.


FS00 –Create following GL account.


Cash and Rent payable accounts are created as open item.


Assign GL Tolerance group to the open item managed account.


Here we are assigning the tolerance group created (step-03) to open item g/l account.So this account will behave according to the condition specified.


OBXZ-Maintain FI configuration: Automatic Posting –Accounts.


During the clearing process (F-03) the clearing differences will hit the gain and loss account specified here.


F-02- Enter GL Account Posting-1


In the first posting above the clearing account is credited for 1000 and in the next transaction below the clearing account is debited for 950 and due to that a difference of 50 arises. Since 50 is equal or less than the tolerance amount specified in both G/L and user tolerance, it’s eligible to get cleared. However if it was more than 50, then system will throw error and won’t clear during F-03. Also it must be noted that clearing amount must meet both user and g/l tolerance condition to get cleared.


F-02- Enter GL Account Posting-2



FBL3N-G/L Account Line item display-Open items.RED


These two line items are from the previous two postings, which are not cleared and status is red.


F-03 –Clear GL Account


Here the open item managed g/l account need to be specified for clearing process.


Click Process open items and follow the next screen below


Here the clearing difference is 50.00 which is 5% according to the condition specified in oba0 and oba4.Save it and the document will get posted in Company code AA


FB03-Display posted document.


Tolerance gain amount got posted to the appropriate g/l account assigned in obxz.


FBL3N-G/L Account Line item display- Select Cleared items.


Both the line items from Step-9 with status red is displayed here as cleared along with the clearing difference specified in oba0 and oba4.

Hope this will be useful.



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