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  1. Former Member

    Hi Sam

    Ok this is good but you have given configuration steps only better first you explain why we are using g/l tolearance and show the configuration this is better i guess.



  2. Ranu Eugene

    Hi Sam,

    Very nicely written document with screen shots.

    Very helpful for all.

    Keep up the good work 🙂 🙂

    Best of Luck 🙂 🙂



  3. Arvind Pereira

    Hi Sam,

    Very nice, please also write on topics such as employee tolerance, and credit blocks concept.

    • The OMO1 settings, OVA8, and elements such as
    • dynamic checks
    • released documents tab
    • tolerance as per duration and % amount
    • credit limit of document
    • you can discuss on issues such as: overdue amount definition i.e. the total of all outstanding liabilities of the customer, i.e. Open orders, Delivery & Open Billing orders.
    • The credit limit of the payer of the order and not the receiver.
    • Tables: VBUK, VBAK, V_T691F and KNKK and program and the jobs creating the blocks and removing auto blocks when the block reason is no longer relevant. 
    • FD33
    • T. code VKM1 to view blocked orders and unblock them
    • Program RFCMCRCV


    Your good friend

    Arvind Pereira


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