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This was a SAP user group webcast today.  I was late but towards the end the SAP speaker said SAP Safe Harbor statement applies:

“This blog, or any related presentation and SAP’s strategy and possible future developments, products and or platforms directions and functionality presented herewith are all subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time for any reason without notice. The information on this blog is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality…”

This means anything in the future is subject to change and these are my notes as I heard them.

Enterprise BI 4.2


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows the themes of BI4.2, overall being simplified, enhanced and extended


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Design Studio 1.5 has offline clickthrough applications, with the ability to reduce design time it takes to create charts, Lumira interoperability, import Lumira into Design Studio. Version 1.5 includes commentary / create use cases, and export data to PDF

Analysis Office/EPM will consolidate into one plug-in with one Analysis Office app for the BI suite.  On the right includes features for BI4.1 SP06 planned for next month.

Enterprise BI 4.2


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows what is planned for BI4.2, including commentary for Web Intelligence, design Features for Mobility devices, HANA Direct access to Universe

BI4.2 Web Intelligence includes support for Big numbers and  set consumption .  With set analysis SAP is  re-introducing and consume sets in Web Intelligence

BI Platform features include commentary, recycle bin in CMC – enhancements to UMT and promotion tool to speed up promotions and upgrade

Packaged audit feature is in the suite

Semantic Layer includes linked UNX universes are back

Authored universes on BEx queries  was disabled in BI4.0/1 and is now back

Set Analysis is back

Installation improvements include one step update, faster to upgrade, as the current installation patching hasn’t been the best

There is a utility to remove unused binaries

Enhance DSL bridge, enhance BICS bridge, HANA enhancements for Web Intelligence on HANA; committed to enhancing Web Intelligence & BW experience.

SAP Lumira Roadmap


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Planned for SAP Lumira includes convergence and search

Question and Answer

Q: What happened with Dr. Who version WebI without microcube

A: Project cancelled; wanted to put support for Lumira for HANA-based integration

However, enhanced HANA based support for JDBC connection

Q: When will SP06 be available?

A: planned for 3rd week of June

Codeline finished yesterday – subject to safe harbour

Q: Recycle bin for Infoview?

A: It is just for CMC; submit for Idea Place

Q: Any plan to provide the option of linking data providers which was avialable in XI versions?

A: Enter in Idea Place

Q: We are about to upgrade from 4.0 Sp7 P5 to 4.1 SP4 should we upgrade to 4.1 SP6 instead?

A: Difficult question to answer; may be better to delay

Q: when will the PAM for 4.1.6 be available?

A: Third week in June (planned)

Q:  Specifically what offline capabilities are planned for Design studio (in context for mobile bi for iOS)?

A:  Cached based setting, when consume on device; will find out for sure

Q: Are there enhancements to the RESTful Web services API? Specifically can we now create and manage users using the API so we can get away from the .NET SDK?

A: Convergence to RESTful web service – strategy, nuances/needing a while paper

Q: Will there be full support for ‘selection option’ variables in Web Intelligence i.e. same functionality as in BEx?

A: put on Idea Place

Q: Is there provision for sensor and similar type data sources – IoT

A: Roadmap for IoT is within HANA – datasources for HANA

Q: Will BEx conditions be supported?

A: Look at  Idea Place

Q: Can we make Web Intelligence prompts hidden so that once a prompt value is set the prompt box will not appear?

A: Idea Place

Q: any enhancements (fixes) to integrity check in IDT tool?

A: Don’t know of anything new that have been added

Q: Will there be support for variables in defaults area of BEx queries?

A: Currently not supported in Web Intelligence; how much of BEx queries should surface to Web Intelligence

Q: Are there any plans to enhance Publications, specifically making Delivery rules available to Web Intelligence documents

A: Add to Idea Place; publications not enhanced between 3.x to 4.x

Q: Can you say more about differentiation of Lumira from competitors?  It looks to me that despite frequent releases you are still playing catch up.

A: This is why roadmap is substantial


SAP BI Suite Roadmap Strategy Update from ASUG SAPPHIRENOW

ASUG Webinars – May 2015

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    1. Henry Banks

      It’s in BETA internally. However, I don’t have any clear indications yet  if or when this will be shipped externally.  it’s “pending” :/

      1. Sebastian Wiefett


        thanks for sharing the information. Customers keep asking me how the plan is for SAPJVM7 or even SAPJVM8 in BI 4.2. Any news here?

        Thanks and Regards


  1. Former Member

    I was told that in BI 4.2, we can apply support packs/patches without bringing business objects down if we have multiple servers in the cluster… is it true ?

    1. Former Member

      Hi Raj,

      It would surprise me if this is happening in 4.2..

      This would mean a significant change in our CMS engine, which we are not able to to in a minor release (like 4.2 is)

      It most probably has been mixed up with the option of parallel patching that has been added as of BI4.0 SP5.. The reason why all CMS-es have to be done at the same time is that there are potential changes in the CMS logic (like the DFO’s, or new values in the CMS DB). an older CMS could crash due to this (or not start at all).



    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Hi Eric – I would advise against that – you could always run into odd errors.  I haven’t tried what you are asking, I try to keep both in sync

  2. Mike O'Gorman

    I see that Set Analysis is due to make a comeback in BI 4.2. Do you know how definite this is and whether or not we can get an early release for an existing user? thank you

      1. Former Member

        Hi Jawahar,

        that is incorrect.. All customers can apply for Custer Validation and/or RampUp and by this validate SAP software before GA.

        Customers interested in joining CuV or Rampup, please drop me a private message by SCN or email



        1. Jawahar Konduru


          I mean who part of the program, will get a chance to validate new releases a head of time, not all the customers.

          I will contact you in email about the program, so we can be part of that.


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