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The age old question(s)

It has been a long standing open question for many SAP HANA administrators:

     “Where do I find a list of all the parameters that I can set in the .ini files?

Along with the

     “Do I need to restart the system after changing this parameter?”

my feeling is that these questions are among the most often asked questions.

Typically, the answer here was:

     “It’s not required nor recommended to fiddle with the SAP HANA parameters unless SAP tells you so.”

All nice and good, but still the avid DBA would just love to know what the parameters do that can be seen SAP HANA Studio.

A surprising answer

Via the ongoing effort of the SAP Global Service & Support Mission Critical Control HANA Deployment Rooms (otherwise known as SAP GSS MCC HANA Deployment Rooms – but that would be too short 😛 for such an important team) to share know-how and experiences, I got to know SAP note 2036111 – Configuration parameters for the SAP HANA system.

This SAP notes carries a PDF file attachment, which neatly lists most of the parameters and what is to be known about them.

Here’s how it looks like:

16-05-2015 17-14-09.png

As you see, there’s information about the necessity of a restart, links to related information, a brief description and which revisions support the parameter.

It’s not the complete list of possible parameters and it’s not part of the standard documentation, but I really appreciate to have a nice reference for the most important parameters now.

Surprise reprise

When I was done enjoying my recent discovery I thought “well, this should be in the standard documentation…” and did a quick search.

Guess what: the SAP note is already mentioned in the SAP HANA Administration Guide. (alright, it’s just once and it’s really tiny print, but it is in fact in there 🙂 ).

Shows again that it really can pay off to read the documentation carefully.

Anyhow, there you go – now you know!




Should the parameter documentation not be part of the standard documentation set (and not just an attachment to a hard-to-find-SAP note) by the time for a second edition of SAP HANA Administration, Richard Bremer and I definitively need to reference this SAP note, too.

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    1. Lars Breddemann Post author

      Fair call Pavan!

      In my eyes mentioning that this SAP note exists and what it contains is well worth this blog post.

      Unlike other information, like the ones re-published in the blog post you mentioned, the parameter documentation PDF file is particularly hard to find and very little known.

      This is in stark contrast to the high interest and demand for such information.

      While it is not in my power to actually include this PDF into the standard documentation, I am able to create a searchable pointer to it and get the word out that there at least is some form of documentation available; and that’s this blog post.

      When I found out about this sap note I was quite happy about it and wanted to share this finding. You’re right: it’s not some new concept or deep epiphany, but I consider it worthwhile to share those findings – especially when they haven’t been common knowledge yet.

      Knowing about this sap note will get you further. Just like Keeping your HANA system healthy with Mini Checks shows you tools and techniques that get you further in your DBA productivity and effectiveness.

      To me, the blog post you referred to, doesn’t get there.

      And that’s my personal opinion and as it is easy to see from the comments section there, others think differently about it. For what it’s worth, this is what I am active on SCN for: the different view points.




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