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Hi All,

I came across this error a couple of times in Dashboards and thought would share the information with you all:

Request processing failed (XLS 000009)

Could not retrieve dimensions from the cube

When you try to create Dashboard on the BEx query using the Query browser connection you get this error right after selecting the OLAP connection (If OLAP is pointing to the BEx Query). Else it will occur after the selecting the query. We expect it to retrieve the structure so that we can create the query in Dashboards but instead we get the error.

If we test the same in webi report or crystal report for enterprise the same BEx query works perfectly fine.

However, you may observe that in webi or in CR4E you get prompted for entering the prompt value before the structure is created.

You enter the value, structure is loaded, create the query and again you get prompted for entering the prompt value. This gives the expected results.

The reason being the mandatory prompts or the exit variables defined in the BEx query.

In Dashboards we do not get any window to enter the prompt value before the structure is loaded and hence we get the error.

The workaround would be to provide a default value to the mandatory prompts so that the structure is loaded with the default value of the prompt.

Hope this information is helpful!!

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