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Mx Electronic Accounting, My History

Hi friends here my history about Electronic Accounting.

In this blog i want share some tips tricks, files, links, and much more that helped me:


In past December 2014 my boos assigned me this project i am happy and excited because i can combine my 2 areas, accounting and Systems.

Now we generated the Chart of Accounting and Balance, validated and submitted electronically to the tax authorities, its OK. (The only thing i moved on the code was, generate a random file name on the server, and block this field, see abap code section plz)

Useful Links:

1) (MX) Contabilidad Electrónica – RME 2014 Anexo 24 One of my first contact with Mx Electronic Accounting EXCELLENT.

2) -= ValidaCFD =- Validacion de Facturas Electronicas Good site with a froum tools and more… they share programming code in differents languages, also speak about XML.

3)  Contabilidad electrónica, en octubre Electronic Accounting in Spanish

4) Mexico Electronic Accounting SAP Notes and general documentation Interesting and complete SAP MX Electronic Acountting notes

5) Validacion de Contabilidad Electronica Useful link for validate Chart of accounting and Balance

6) Contabilidad electrónicaOficial Site of SAT


Thanks to all ppl that adviced me, special mention to this persons:

carlos del bosque

Jelena Perfiljeva

Marcos Luis Vega Montes

Myriam Catrycke

Fernando De León

Monica Marcellin

Hugo Rodriguez

David Jordan

Fernando Luna Fukumoto

Nagaditya Thambichetty

Johnatan Gomez

Escuse me if i forget someone, really escuse me.

XML Samples:

1) Google Group Mx Electronic Accounting Finally with these samples, helped me for understand some things.

2) -= ValidaCFD =- Tools for generate XML Sample Files

3) Sinube Contabilidad Electronica 2015 – SINUBE Great site, In a moment helped too much with my XML File.


1) Free Hex Editor Binary File Editing Software for Windows Good Hex Editor to see internally the XML file.

2) Notepad++ Home good tool, good text editor.


1) Test debug and again test and debug.

2) RTFM and continue reading

3) Be Patient

4) Generate the Files as XML (not compress).

5) Test Generated Files on Mozilla on official sat site: Validador de Forma y Sintaxis de Documentos Digitales

6) Some Nodes not was displayed on the Chart of Accounting or the Nature is different than A or D (for me was displayed a “T”) i do this: accesed to the FSV

Abap Code and SampleXML (mine):

1) Function for generate a random string:



   ALPHABET                   = sy-abcde

   ALPHABET_LENGTH            = 8

*   FORCE_INIT                 = ‘ ‘

*   OUTPUT_LENGTH              = 0



   OUTPUT                     = lv_str


   SOME_ERROR                 = 1

   OTHERS                     = 2


2) Sample XML File about JE: (FileName: AAA7803012R2201505PL.XML)

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?><PLZ:Polizas xmlns:PLZ=”” xmlns:xsi=”” xsi:schemaLocation=”” Version=”1.1″ RFC=”AAA7803012R2″ Mes=”05″ Anio=”2015″ TipoSolicitud=”AF” NumOrden=”BBB6666666/66″>

<PLZ:Poliza NumUnIdenPol=”1111111111″ Fecha=”2015-05-01″ Concepto=”No Desc”><PLZ:Transaccion NumCta=”0009950001″ DesCta=”Clients” Concepto=”No Desc” Debe=”45.0″ Haber=”0.0″ /><PLZ:Transaccion NumCta=”9873027100″ DesCta=”Sale boxes” Concepto=”No desc” Debe=”0.0″ Haber=”45.0″ /><PLZ:Transaccion NumCta=”7774195087″ DesCta=”IVA 11%” Concepto=”No Desc” Debe=”0.0″ Haber=”4.95″ /></PLZ:Poliza>

<PLZ:Poliza NumUnIdenPol=”2222222222″ Fecha=”2015-05-02″ Concepto=”Payment 1″><PLZ:Transaccion NumCta=”0009910001″ DesCta=”Box” Concepto=”Payment 1 Ef” Debe=”4.95″ Haber=”0.0″ /><PLZ:Transaccion NumCta=”0001055555″ DesCta=”Clients” Concepto=”Payment RR Ef” Debe=”0.0″ Haber=”4.95″ /></PLZ:Poliza>

<PLZ:Poliza NumUnIdenPol=”3333333333″ Fecha=”2015-05-03″ Concepto=”Payment 2″><PLZ:Transaccion NumCta=”0009910002″ DesCta=”Box” Concepto=”Payment 2 Ef” Debe=”45.0″ Haber=”0.0″><PLZ:CompNal UUID_CFDI=”F011DDAA-05EA-11A4-9988-8AA11775B113″ RFC=”AAAA710101XX9″ MontoTotal=”45.0″ /></PLZ:Transaccion><PLZ:Transaccion NumCta=”9991040025″ DesCta=”Clients” Concepto=”Payment X Ef” Debe=”0.0″ Haber=”45.0″><PLZ:CompNal UUID_CFDI=”F011DDAA-05EA-11A4-9988-8AA11775B113″ RFC=”AAAA710101XX9″ MontoTotal=”45.0″ /></PLZ:Transaccion></PLZ:Poliza></PLZ:Polizas>


1) FSE2

2) OB18

3) OB58

4) SE38

5) SE80



8) SE93

9) SE16

10) SE11

11) ST05

12) FBL5N

I am grateful to all of you, really thank you.

Excuse my spelling, my little English and a bit of a mess.

Future modifications to Blog will put them at the start date

Challenge, Entertainment…?

1) Certification ABAP questions

Any recommendations?

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  • Hi Miguel!

    Thank you so much for mentioning me!

    I am compleatly sure, that the knowledge must be shared! than, we know more regarding SAP!

    See you!


  • Friends, i have other problem solved, not know if anyone had similar problem:

    when generated the XML file in the Egress Section, it generate first:


    and then


    the XML generated, have errors when validated, manually opened the XML file and interchange the nodes, and now the XML is validated.

    How To Solve?

    1) Accessed to STRANS transaction and Modified this Transformation: figlmx_je_details

       Asked for a Key Programmer.

    2) Interchanged the nodes: <CompNal> in first place, then <Transferencia> <Cheques>

    3) Tested and now my XML is Validated

    i am happy, continue testing diferent cases.




    This is very helpful. I am little struck. I am able to generate and successfully validate COA and TB xml files. I don’t know how to submit these files to Mexico SAT. Can some one please share the process.


    Sanjay Arora