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Fiori Client 1.3/1.4 – What is new?

SAP Fiori is a set of applications that cover some of the most frequently used SAP software functions.  These apps were written using SAPUI5 and hence can be accessed in a browser on a variety of devices.

SAP created the SAP Fiori Client to provide Fiori applications:

  • Additional native capabilities (such as Camera, Barcode Scanner, etc.) on top of what a typical browser provides
  • Management of the local web cache better when new versions of the application are released by the Fiori server
  • Additional security to protect the application from unauthorized access
  • Provisioning the user certificate through Mobile Secure and SAP Mobile Platform

We are pleased to announce the release of Fiori Client 1.3 . One of the key hallmarks for this release is the support for Windows platform. With this release Fiori client will be available in all the three major app stores.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.28.00 AM.png

These are some of the new features that are available in this release

  • Fiori client for Windows 8.1 & Phone 8.1
  • Feature Restriction Support (IOS & Android)
  • New Mobile Qualities
  • Security Enhancements
  • Demo Mode

Let us go into details on each of these features

Fiori Client for Windows 8.1/Phone 8.1

Fiori Client 1.3 on windows/WP 8.1 will be available as a download from the Windows store only. The current Fiori client implementation on windows is built using the same Kapsel plugins as in iOS and Android.

These are some of the features that is present in this version of Fiori client for Windows

  • Application Passcode
  • Configure Fiori URL prompt
  • Allow Fiori apps to open documents (PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel etc)
  • Demo Mode
  • Basic & Mutual Authentication
  • SMP server 3.0 support
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Camera
  • Geo Location

  · Settings Screen

Feature Restriction support (IOS & Android)

Feature Vector and its related policy are introduced to define all features a Fiori application is given access to. A policy can be used to define the feature restrictions within the application. The features are typically like camera access, calendar/contacts access, file access etc. A Fiori application makes use of these features through the kapsel cordova plugins.

When the SAP Mobile Platform administrator defines a hybrid application, he/she may choose to apply feature restrictions for the application.. To restrict certain features, administrator would need to know the metadata for those features. As an administrator of the SMP platform, the following interface is available to configure feature restriction policies (invoked from mobile platform admin console)


Mobile Qualities

We keep on adding new mobile qualities with each release of Fiori client. The new mobile qualities that are added in this release are the following.

Voice Recording Plugin

This plugin provides the ability for an application user to record a voice memo and attach it to a Fiori application item.

The following are some of the use cases that can utilize this quality.

  • When working with a mobile device, entering a long text may be cumbersome and being able to record a memo may be better
  • Record voice notes when creating new travel or expense.

In both these use cases, the user is simply recording an audio file and attaching it to a Fiori application item. Users who want to listen to the recording can simply open the attachment just like they would any other attachment.

Print Plugin

The Fiori client tool bar is enhanced to support a print option. This option uses the functionality from the already available print plugin. The plugin utilizes the Airprint interface for IOS and Printing framework in Android to achieve the printing functionality. By default, most Android devices have print service plugins installed to enable printing using the Google Cloud Print and Google Drive services

Bar Code Scanner UI5 control (IOS&Android)

The main feature of the component is to enable the Fiori applications to scan a barcode. The control is delivered as part of SAPUI5 Runtime Library. The control provides a fallback that enables users to enter a barcode if a native scanner does not exists or is disabled in the device.

Another important feature of the Barcode Scanner control is the Feature Vector integration. In case the Fiori application is loaded into Fiori Client and registered to an SMP3 (SAP Mobile Platform) server the Feature Vector becomes available.  The Control can automatically confirm whether the SMP3 Administrator has switched off the Barcode Scanner feature for the registered device or not.

Security Enhancements

Until now, third party Certificate Providers and Afaria Certificate functionality was only available in case of SMP Registration with Fiori Client 1.2.  Starting with Fiori Client 1.3 we would support X509 authentication with or without SMP.

Third Party Certificate Provider interface is exposed as a common interface between Native and Kapsel/Fiori Client applications. The Afaria Certificate download functionality is exposed in the SAP Mobile SDK as a new Certificate Provider library, which implements 3rd Party Certificate Provider interface.

Demo Mode

A public instance of Fiori is available at SAP Fiori Client is preconfigured with the demo URL. When the user starts the app, they’re asked whether they want to use demo mode. Based on the user choice the Fiori client will automatically show the content from the demo url. User can switch between production instance and demo instance by clearing the url in the settings screen.

Feature Matrix

One of the frequent questions that I get is around the availability of plugins across different platforms .The following table gives a snap shot view of the features supported across the different devices OS versions.


Fiori client 1.4 Update

We have released a minor update to Fiori client ( pending approval in Appstore) . The following are the updated features for Fiori client 1,4

  • Feature vector support for Windows
  • Update for Cordova InApp Browser
  • Network component update for Windows
  • LDAP Authentication updates
  • Support for Apache Cordova 5.0
  • Localization support for 5 language ( en, de, jp, fr, es)
  • Client certificate Auto selection (IOS & Android)

What is coming up in the future for mobilizing Fiori?

The next release of mobile platform will have support for Cloud build service. The planned Cloud Build Service can be used to create packaged apps and deploy those apps to SAP Mobile Place for distribution, improving developer productivity and simplifying administrative governance in SMP landscapes. Cloud Build Service will be the simplest way to quickly deploy enterprise-ready Fiori applications on-premise (SMP) or in the cloud (HCPms). Several options are available to support Fiori and SAPUI5 applications with various configurations including:

  • Simple customization (icon, graphics) of off-the-shelf Fiori applications
  • Customized Fiori applications
  • Package multiple Fiori applications with the Fiori Launchpad to a native application
  • SAPUI5+Kapsel applications

We are excited about the new offerings on the Fiori Client. Please check out the latest version on your device from the corresponding App stores when it becomes available.

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  • Hi Kiran, thanks for the updates!

    A few questions:

    - Is the Fiori Client 1.3 available as an SDK today? If so, how should I find it?

    - Is there a way to use basic / form-based authentication without SMP and have the app store the password?

    - If we use a custom build with the SDK and deploy with our own MDM software, how should we handle upgrades to the base components, such as Fiori Client, auth_proxy, logon, etc?

    - Is there any examples how to use Fiori client + scanner control for an abap-based Fiori app that may be accessed either with the Fiori client, or simply with a desktop browser (i.e. no scanner features) ?


  • Hi Kiran,

    thanks for this information, especially regarding the Windows client.

    However this client is not working for me: I have installed and configured it, but when I try to logon to the system I get an error message saying that a logon coockie could not be verfied.

    The same configuration is working fine for iOS and Android.

    Do you have any suggestions how to resolve this?


    Best regards,


    • My understanding is that there are some manual/custom steps to build the Fiori Client for Windows 8.1/Windows Phone 8.1.  With Windows 10, this should no longer be an issue.  Currently, the Windows 8.1/Windows Phone 8.1 SAP Fiori Client is only available from the Windows App stores.


      Dan van Leeuwen

    • Hi Chirag ,

      The windows version is currently pending release . The feature matrix will be updated once it is released . We do support windows 8.1/phone 8.1



  • Hey Kiran.
    Great Post. Do you know if x.509 authentication is supported in a scenario where hcpms is used in front of the GW ? In the scenario SAP Mobile Secure (Afaria) is not used, but the  custom certificate provided will be used to grap the certficate.

  • Hi Kiran,

    For barcode does it requires native, hybrid or Kapsel app ?

    or it will work out of the box for any input field of a fiori web application. ?



  • Hi,

    Anybody knows how to generate Fiori Client on windows platform ? In all the documents I have seen the config as for android and ios.


        "packageName": "",

        "targetFolder": "FioriClient",

        "appName": "FioriClient",

        "platforms": ["android", "ios"],

        "crosswalkLocation": "/Users/i82xxxx/Downloads/crosswalk-cordova-"

        //"crosswalkLocation" : "C:\\Crosswalk\\crosswalk-cordova-\\bin"


    Thanks for the support,

    • At least you need first to check the Kepsel SDK to make sure it supports Windows plateform. It is said only some latest versions will do. SAP experts should be able to provide solid info for this.


      Dong Zhu

      • Today (SDK 3.0 SP11) the Fiori Client for Windows is only available through the app stores.  Work is being done so that in a future release it will be possible to create a custom Fiori Client for Windows using the SDK.


        Dan van Leeuwen

  • Hi Kiran, thanks for very helpfull informations!!!

    We have a problem with windows phone, it doesn't take modifications in customized apps( it isn't bringing me the last versionof the app), I think because of it's cache, but in the settings there's no option to clear cache, I saw in your snap shot view of the features, and the cache manager is not included in Win 8.1, Do you know How can I solve this?