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When your BEx report execution turns into Error- General Steps to follow

Whenever our Bex query execution turns into an error or users report error in query execution, one should follow some basic steps before turning into a paniced maniac.

Sometimes we have worked hard on a query developement but the query gives error instead of the desired output. This can be very frustrating as we have already spent a lot of time on the developement and the error causes us further distress.

One can follow some basic steps below to make sure that there are no obvious mistakes.

1. Use Generate Report option from RSRT tcode. This will either resolve the issue or give you a better description of the error.

2. Test all the infoprovider objects in RSRV. This will let you know if there is any issue with the inforproviders, their indices or their structures.

3. Run RSRV test on all the master data objects involved in the info-providers. Sometimes the issue lies in the SID values or the indexes built on the master data. Often, you can find garbage master data causing issues as well.

4. check if the report is giving problem only to your ID or only your system? try checking on other systems and ask you collegues to try with their ID.

5. Check the patch level of BEx software and GUI. Is it old? does it need to be upgraded?

6. If the error is occuring only in a partiular system then try to retransport all the objects in the Query. (structures of the multiproviders and their respective Cubes) If it’s not production system then I guess you can drop data and reload from underlying DSO/data providers.

7. Check if there were any warnings displayed when you transported the Query or any other object that is involved in the query. Sometimes these mild harmless warning messages turn into real nightmare.

8. Check if you have any customer exit code in your query. any code that needs to be executed before selection screen is displayed . Check if CMOD code was moved to appropriate system.

9. Check if any notes that need to be applied to your system which are causing issues.

for Bex query execution turning into ‘Not Responding’ see my blog:

Hope this helps.

-Swati Gawade.

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