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What Does it Mean to Work for a Software Company? A Teenager’s Perspective.

When I thought of software development or IT, I imagined a proverbial nerd in glasses, sitting in front of a computer screen punching in an endless stream of numbers. Such is not true with SAP. Yes, it is a technology company, but no, a technology degree is not necessarily required.

    The Chief Information Officer of Walmart Karenann Terrell said that she’s part of a technology company that happens to do retail. That’s because technology, the use and development of it, is imperative to every business.

    Technically speaking, since Chris Burton works for a software company, he is part of the tech industry. Now, Chris Burton doesn’t sit behind a computer screen coding all day long. He doesn’t even wear glasses. He flies around the world, building technology partnerships with organizations like the NFL. A job that would have never been considered a tech job 10 years ago is now integral to SAP.

    They say that in 10 years, every job will be a tech job. Now, am I suggesting that the family run farm in Wyoming will be a tech job? Yes. Not only is technology unavoidable, but it is essential to all businesses. Investing in a computer based management system will allow this farm to operate in a much more efficient manner. At the SAPPHIRE NOW conference this very technology was exhibited. “The Octogon,” as it was called, featured an interactive demonstration of SAP HANA and how it could help improve of businesses, including farming. It could be used to track the movements of a tractor as it harvested a crop, estimate the duration of the task, and suggest possible routes for the tractor to follow. When used, this unparalleled technology  would facilitate more sustainable rangeland management practices.

    Speaking of sustainability, isn’t that why we continue to innovate and create new technology- to keep our species afloat? Aren’t we trying to get closer to solving global issues, from keeping time more accurately to curing diseases? If every job is a tech job in 10 years, then we’ll all have the same job and be working towards the same goal: the progress of humanity.

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  • Great perspective, Arjun! Thanks for sharing!  I hadn’t heard this quote that every job will be a tech job in 10 years, but it totally makes sense, especially when you consider Internet of Things.  That is already transforming and touching industries around the world.   But disruption is not new: just think what the Industrial Revolution must have felt like to farmers.  The only constant thing is…

    Thanks again for the post.