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Troubleshooting SAP DB Control Center


SAP DB Control Center (DCC) is a web-based database monitoring and administration tool for SAP HANA that was introduced in the SPS09 release.  With DCC, you can monitor and administer a landscape of SAP HANA databases (i.e. two or more instances).  It allows database administrators and IT management teams to view alerts and database health information at a single glance.

As the product evolves from its initial release and customer adoption increases, I’ve started to see situations where the DCC system may not behave as expected, typically because something is missing or incorrect in the system’s configuration.  In this blog post, I’m going to list a number of issues that can occur and how to resolve them.

Problem: DCC is not collecting enterprise health data

This problem occurs when the DCC_COLLECTOR account (user that runs collection jobs to gather health data for each monitored system) doesn’t have the correct role assigned to it.  What you see is the number of systems displayed in the Monitor Enterprise Health tile is either zero or one:

DCC_COLLECTOR not assigned DCCCollector role.png

The correct role to assign to the DCC_COLLECTOR account is “DBCCCollector” (that’s in addition to the “Monitoring” role).  Note that this applies to DCC revision 93 (Patch 7) or higher.  In the earlier revisions, the role was “DBCCAdmin”, but that is now solely used for the DCC_ADM account.

All you need to do is assign the “DBCCCollector” role to the DCC_COLLECTOR account using SAP HANA Studio or the Web-based Development Workbench:

DBCCCollector Role.png

After waiting a few minutes, you’ll see the number of systems in the Monitor Enterprise Health tile increase, meaning that health data is now being collected.

Problem: I’ve correctly assigned the DBCCCollector role and the DCC system is still not collecting enterprise health data

You exhibit this issue when the Enterprise Health Monitor displays the question mark icon (?) for Availability, Performance and Capacity in all systems except for one (the DCC system):

No health data collected.png

There’s a few XS jobs that must be active by the DCC_COLLECTOR account to collect the enterprise health data and maintain the message queue.  To see the status of these jobs, open the SAP HANA XS Administration tool:


Login as SYSTEM and ensure the user for the DCC jobs JobWorkerTask, Maintenance and ScheduleCollections is DCC_COLLECTOR, their status is ACTIVE, and their last run status is SUCCESS.  For example, in the following screenshot, we see that JobWorkerTask is not assigned a user and is not active:

XS Jobs not active.png

To fix the problem, click on the XS Job name, then click on the Configuration tab.  Now provide the DCC_COLLECTOR user account credentials, check the Active checkbox and click Save the bottom right corner of the page:

Activate Collector XS Job.png

After the job is saved successfully, you can return to the XS Job Dashboard page and you’ll now notice that all the DCC jobs have DCC_COLLECTOR as their user, their status is ACTIVE and their last run status is SUCCESS.  Wait a few minutes and go back to Monitor Enterprise Health in DCC and you’ll see that the health data for your systems is now collected.

Problem: In the Health Monitor, the system status is correctly reported as “Running” but there’s no health data collected

You’ll see this issue when the status of the system displays “Running” but you see question marks (?) for its Availability, Capacity and Performance.

DB hangs due to full log area.png

This problem can happen for one of the following reasons:

  1. The technical user account (e.g. SAPDBCC) credentials for the relevant system are incorrect.  This may happen because the user’s password has changed, has expired, or the user account is deactivated.  To resolve the problem, ensure the user account is activated and you are using the correct credentials for that system.  You can change those credentials in the System Directory.
  2. The database hangs.  A scenario where this situation can occur is when the log backup area is full and consumes all available hard disk space, in which case you can recover disk space by deleting old backups.  In other cases, restarting the system may help, but it’s best to determine the exact reason why the database hangs to ensure a proper resolution.

Problem: After upgrading from DCC SPS09 to DCC SPS10, DCC lost its configuration

A series of steps need to be performed when upgrading from DCC SPS09 to DCC SPS10 (but only in that scenario).  Please follow the steps described in SAP Note 2188247

Screenshots of the procedure are located here: Upgrading SAP DB Control Center from SPS09 to SPS10.

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