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My Time Events – The New Fiori App for Clock-in/Clock-out (Fiori Wave 8)

Many customers have been asking for a Fiori app to record Clock-in/Clock-out events, especially in countries where there are extensive labor laws and regulations to track working times and breaks. With Fiori wave 8 (shipped with SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0 SPS01), the new app ‘My Time Events’ was delivered. This transactional app allows to record time events such as Clock-in, Clock-out, Clock-out for break, Clock-in after break.

My Time Events and the existing My Timesheet app (see New Fiori Apps for HCM) support alternative time recording processes. In many companies both processes are used, each one for a different set of employees, e.g. Clock-in/Clock-out for shop floor employees and timesheets for office workers. In My Time Events clock-in and clock-out time events are recorded independently. Then Time Evaluation will process the time events, match the corresponding in/out pairs, determine missing time events, and calculate durations. Time data recorded in My Time Events is stored in infotype 2011 (Time Events) in the backend. In contrast, My Timesheet requires to record durations (i.e. number of hours worked). My Timesheet is based on CATS (Cross Application Timesheet) in the backend and the time data is stored in infotypes 2001 (Absences) and 2002 (Attendances).

My Time Events offers the following key features

  • Create time events for a specific date
  • Display an overview of existing time events
  • Edit or delete existing time events (if enabled)
  • Display messages indicating missing or incorrect time entries

Time Events.jpg

The time is defaulted to the current system time. The time event type (e.g. clock-in or clock-out)  is predicted based on the user history, but can of course be overwritten by the user.

Time Events with existing entries 1.jpg

Backend Requirements

The app requires the minimum backend versions

  • SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 15 or higher
  • SAP enhancement package 2 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 5 or higher
  • SAP enhancement package 3 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 5 or higher
  • SAP enhancement package 4 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 5 or higher
  • SAP enhancement package 5 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 3 or higher
  • SAP enhancement package 6 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 1 or higher
  • SAP enhancement package 7 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 1 or higher

Where to Find Additional Information?

Additional information is available here

        App Extensibility: My Time Events – SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0 SPS 01 – SAP Library

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  • Hi Gertrud,

    thanks for the information.

    what about the Approval? Will there be a new Approval App for the Manager?

    best regards


  • Hi Gertrud,

    Are there any plans to include geo-location capture from GPS enabled devices?  I’m thinking of the potential here for functionalities around geo-fencing and leverage of BAS.  From a mobile perspective there is a risk of location fraud particularly for field operatives.  Maybe this is something that adopters can include via extension options?



  • Hi Gertrud,

    Thanks for the blog. We applied Patch 2 for the component to implement this new App. After implementing it, we got in to Timezone issues. If the System/Device from where this App is being called is in EST time zone, event entries are not displayed. If we set to UTC -3 and above then data is getting displayed.

    Appreciate your insights on this. I also have a Support message opened with SAP.



  • Hi Gertrud,

         Thanks for the blog.I have a query,while trying to implement My Time Events application in our demo portal i am unable to find the SAP UI application related to CICO (HCM_CICO_MAN) in SICF .Could you please let me know any  component missing in our demo system??

    Naveen Kumar B

  • Hello Gertrud,

    Thanks for blog, Do you know if is it possible to hide some event types?, Currently is displaying all event types of a specific country, we have many event types although only one should be maintained in the self-service. It would be nicer if we could display only the relevant event type.

    Best Regards.


  • Hi Gertrud,

    Is it possible to display any captured time events (from time recording machines integration with SAP) in this app?

    Can we use this or any other App available on FIORI for abnormal/ lost hour regularization in positive time?

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Getrud,

    I am  currently implementing the Fiori team manager functionality at a customer.

    After the  initial analysis of the application, we have discovered quite a lot of suggestions for improving the current tool as well as some bugs.

    We will log the the bugs into OSS, however I was wondering what the appropriate channel is to send the suggestions for improvements.

    Can you also share some information into the next planned innovations for the team calendar functionality as well as give some dates as to when they will be delivered?

    Many thanks in advance,


    • Hi Tom,

      You can send the improvement suggestions to me ( Please continue to log the bugs into OSS.

      As always, prioritization of enhancements depend on customer demand. There are currently no plans to enhance My Team Calendar in the next wave.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Gertrud,

    The App is working fine for US employee. But for international employee, the Date is not coming as system date. It is coming one day less (system date – 1) and also the “Create” buttons is not enabled. Is there any config required for International (non-US) employees?

    Thank you.

    • I got this one.. Yes, there is config associated for International Employees in SPRO creating Rule Groups and WEBMO and Define Processing Processes.

      Thank you.

  • Hi Getrud,

    Is there any way we can disable/grey out the “Date” field. It defaults to the system date which is fine, but we don’t want the users to change/modify it. Any thoughts please?

  • Hello Gertrud,

    thank you for this blog post. Very informative! How can I restrict available time event types for the app? Is there a customizing guide somewhere? I could not find one.

    Thank you and best regards


    • Hello Andreas,

      The time event types are based on the backend configuration. There is currently no configuration option to restrict the time event types available in the app.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Getrud,

    when we seit the Option in customizing, that only days with messages from Time Evaluation  can be maintaincend, the app trows an error Message.

    IS this a known issue?

    thanks & best regards


  • Hello Gertrud,

    Is it for a manager to correct / record time events for his delegates? This would be interesting for (production) workers that do have permanent access to their accounts.

    Thank you and best regards,


    • Hi Andreas,

      This app is for employees to record their own time. It allows to record or – if enabled – correct existing time events. The app offers an alternative to the traditional clock-in/clock-out terminals.

      Best regards,


  • Hello Gertrud,

    we deployed this app with an approval workflow for each clock-in/clock-out event that is entered. The approval is done via SAP workflow and the work flow item is displayed in the “My inbox” app.

    Is it possible to do the approval directly out of the “My Inbox” app instead of having to open the task first?

    Thank you and best regards,


    • Hi Andreas,

      Did you need to perform a development to have this approval on every clock-in / clock-out? Or was it just a customization?

      Thank you and best regards,



  • Hi everyone,

    is it possible that the time entries from “My Time Events” are displayed in “My Timesheet” and comments and WDA-Elements are added before sending to approval?


    Thanks and best regards



  • Dear Gertrud Beisel,

    Thank you for this useful article. We were able to configure and implement the My Time Events App and book time using Clock In and Clock Out.

    We have one issue. The time clocked in and clocked out in the Fiori App does not show up in info type 2011. It is also not saved in database table TEVEN.

    Are we missing something?

    The time clocked in and clocked out in the App are saved in database table TPTCOR_CORE.

    Is there a batch job/program which we need to run to move the data to info type 2011 and table TEVEN? Is there any configuration we might be missing?

    Can you please suggest.




  • Hello Everyone

     I intent to integrate Time Event app. I have installed backend and frontend packages, Enabled oData Service and activated UI Application ad mention the configuration document.

    I have also created the role and authorized the Tiles and Catalogue to user, but my user is not been able to See two tiles (My Time Event and My Services). Can anyone please suggest me why this is happing?

    See the screenshot.


    Saqib Ayub Khan

  • Hi, experts,

    “How to Install and Configure Fiori HCM applications Step-by-Step SAP Netweaver (7.5) and EHP8 for SAP ERP 6.0” guide contains “Choose “Roles” and input “SAP_HR_BCR_EMPLOYEE_T” then save”. But authorizations list (tz PFCG) by role SAP_HR_BCR_EMPLOYEE_T is empty (and red).

    It’s ok?

    Best Regards,



    SAP Basis Admin.