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Author's profile photo Philip Morley

Letter generation with SuccessFactors Core HRIS – Employee Central

It actually all started as a Hack Day project. True story.  And it continued due to the enthusiastic commitment of the engineers involved.

In Product Management we engage with customers regularly.  After all, they are the ones who drive our constant product enhancements. Customers were consistently asking for letter generation capabilities with Employee Central (EC).

And the Hack Day group was listening too.  The project became the enabling spark to start developing letter generation capabilites with SuccessFactors’ Core HRIS: Employee Central (EC).  Thomas Otter announced it at the recent EC Customer Summit in St.Leon-Rot, Germany. It will be lightweight letter generation capability, combining data stored in EC with standard text to produce basic documents like Employment Verification Letters or Job Promotion Letters. The generated letters can be distributed to the employee via E-Mail and stored via SuccessFactors’ Attachment Framework.

Shortly after this announcement, I received messages from SF partners asking: what does this mean for our document management solution which works seamlessly with EC?  Our Document Management Partners are the domain experts; we continue to encourage customers looking for specialized, sophisticated, full-blown document generation and management solutions (including features like content management, contract management, and archiving) to work with our partners.  No change there.

So what started out as a submission to an internal competition, will soon turn into enhanced product.  And although the project didn’t win the contest, it will be a winner with our customers!

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      Author's profile photo Mohammed FADILI
      Mohammed FADILI

      At SAP, Solution Center Team works closely with partners to drive co-innovation.

      Document generation from EC is in the top list of ideas.

      I must recognize HURIS from NL who is already selling a comprehensive SuccessFactors extension covering this topic.

      Author's profile photo Bart Potter
      Bart Potter

      Hi Mohammed,

      also partner Nextmoves in NL has a documentgenerator for SF which can be deployed on the Hana Cloud Platform 🙂

      Author's profile photo Mohammed FADILI
      Mohammed FADILI

      Hi B. Potter,

      Please contact me about that on my SAP email.


      Author's profile photo Bart Potter
      Bart Potter

      Hi Mohammed,

      your email is private...



      Author's profile photo Sahiba Gandhi
      Sahiba Gandhi

      Hi Philip,

      Thanks for this blog. This is one of the most awaited functionality for many customers.

      Is there any tentative plan for its release ?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I second Sahiba's point.

      We need this feature at the earliest as this would reduce the disappointment from many of the customers using EC and are looking for Letter Generation tool.

      Many thanks,

      Deepak Kumar M

      Author's profile photo Pieter van Reisen
      Pieter van Reisen

      Thanks Mohammed,

      The HuRis Document generator is indeed allready available and supports processes at different customer sites.

      With extended possibilities for authorization, mass generation, different output format possibilities, dynamic fields, e-mail integration and the possibility to save the generated documents directly in SF we also think this is a comprehensive document generation tool.

      Good to see that SAP product management recognizes the need for a lightweight tool.

      Author's profile photo Oliver Falk
      Oliver Falk

      Great news, Philip! It is really good to hear that SAP product management trust also its partner ecosystem and count on us that we will provide the right solution for a varity of client needs. 'One fits all' does simply not work in this area as the client specific needs from large to small, from very simple to highly sophisticated, from a few letters to a million of documents are so different. With Accenture Quick Document Builder we offer already the SuccessFactors Employee Cnetral / SAP HCM hybrid clients a solution for both worlds.

      Best regards, Oliver

      Author's profile photo Philip Morley
      Philip Morley
      Blog Post Author

      Hello all,

      thank you for your comments and your interest.

      @Mohammed @Peter- great minds think alike.  HuRIS is a good solution and can be demonstrated in SF sales demo systems.  They were very active in helping me set-up their tool.

      @Sahiba@Deepka, I was asked a similar question by Luke Marson.  We are looking to dip our toes in the water with the Q3 release and will be adding more features with subsequent releases.  As usual, these are plans, which are always subject to change.

      @Oliver - yes AQDB is also an excellent option for customers.

      As I already stated, nothing has changed in our view of partners' domain expertise.  If anything, we hope to make it easier for partners to bolt-on to SF.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Will this affect the use of letter in the SF Recruiting Module?

      Any ideas of the impact/plan?

      Kind regards.

      Author's profile photo Philip Morley
      Philip Morley
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Chris,

      this is a planned product enhancement in EC - Employee Central, which can be implemented without SF Recruiting.  Usage by other SF modules is on the roadmap.

      Kind regards,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I keep getting an error due to mapping some fields to a rule calclation :

      "you don't have permission for the following placeholder"

      I'm a super admin so I have all permissions enabled

      What can cause this error?

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Priyanka Porwal
      Priyanka Porwal

      Hello Shirly,

      please check if via some role the placeholder field is not given the permission.

      Best Regards,