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First impression of SAP Fiori Demo Edition

    First of all, let me share my feelings about Fiori. I’m new to SAP technologies and all I knew about SAP, it is a robust system based on a few 10 000 tables with different modules(SD, MM,PP,FI,CO) and it takes time to get into the traditional SAP world. It is not much, isn’t it? One of my friends suggested to have a look at the new wave of SAP, called Fiori. According to him, it can be interesting for me, since I’m a mobile developer. Then, I started my first SAP course Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud. As I got to know the idea behind Fiori and I saw a lot of invested effort in terms of infrastructure and development, I was really impressed. I believe this new face of SAP can be really successful and make easier to get familiar with the system’s functionality to the new comers.

    When you launch the demo platform, you are immediately presented with the launchpad.launchpad.PNGFrom the simple welcome screen, you can easily start to discover the example applications and experience the Fiori design principles in action. The applications are distributed in different sections, from here the tile based arrangement makes comfortable the navigation. After a few launches, easy to get familiar with the launchpad.

    Most of the applications are following the master detail screen arrangement. The essential functions are obvious and easy to use, the details of the left handside information are in the focus, related actions placed at the bottom.

    In the accounting section, can be found the ‘My spend‘ application. This is an impressive application, it shows the diversity of the SAPUI5, furthermore another app screen arrangement, which is different from the basic master detail approach.
    I’m sure after the first look at the demo, a lot of questions raised in the heads. On the top of the launchpad there is a link, where the user can get more information about the custumization and extension possibilities. If the number of demonstrated apps do not satisfy the hunger of the new visitor, the SAP app library gives opportunity to explore within the more than 500 apps, developed by SAP.

    The Fiori demo cloud edition platform is useful for everyone, either who knows a lot about SAP, or who doesn’t. It is benefitial for customers, how can they imrove their work in the future and make it easier to learn the system with the role based design. It is good for technical people to see the evolution and follow the new trend.

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  • Sandor,

    Thank you for sharing your first impressions!  I see that you also found the 'secret' master data to make the My Spend application come to life 🙂

    Now that the demo has been expanded to allow app customization, will you have a follow up blog on the Customize and Extend capabilities?  The openSAP course has some good use cases, and Liz has also added a few tips/tricks in her blogs (SAP Fiori, cloud edition)

    Best Regards,

    Jeremy Good

    SAP Technology RIG

    • Yes Jeremy, i found the 'secret'! 🙂 That makes really impressive the demo!

      I will have a look on the Customize and Extend capabilities and share something useful.