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Streamlining HANA Adoption and Realizing ROI @ EMC

EMC builds information infrastructures and virtual infrastructures to help people and businesses around the world unleash the power of their digital information. EMC offerings in backup and recovery, enterprise content management, unified storage, big data, enterprise storage, data federation, archiving, security, and deduplication help customers move to and build IT trust in their next generation of information management and enable them to offer IT-as-a-Service as part of their journey to cloud computing.

In the ASUG Annual conference session HT200 at SAPPHIRE, Orlando, Michael Harding – Senior Enterprise Architect at EMC shared with the packed audience on EMC’s journey on streamlining HANA adoption and realizing the ROI.

Michael shared EMC’s SAP journey starting from 2012 with ERP transformation to their planned CTQ transformation in 2016.

Some Highlights

  • Phased Approach
    • Phase 1 – ERP transformation focusing on business process standardization. EMC had 10000 users, 125 business processes on 500+ virtual machines and 65 integrated applications
    • Phase 2 – Professional services enablement focusing on process optimization.  EMC had 18000 users, completed RSA integration and did a co-innovation project with SAP.
    • Phase 3 – CTQ Transformation focusing on enabling next generation solution planned for Jan 2016 with doubling the users, improving user experience with mobile first approach
  • EMC started the HANA journey on side-car approach and combined SAP and non-SAP data. Operational reports that used to take 2+hours dropped under 5 minutes. HANA was used as
    • EMC recommended to start small, invest in skills development across the stack and be prepared for environment management
  • EMC then moved from HANA as a side-car to HANA as a DB Platform with HANA acting as ‘source of truth’ that brought in reduced ETL costs and supported SAP Innovation path
    • EMC deployed BPC successfully in Q4 2013 in 2.5 months with performance gains in planning loads @ 400% faster than the existing RDBMS. Also benefited with reduced CAPEX and OPEX for HANA deployments with supportability, availability, flexibility, mult-tenancy, etc. Check out why EMC IT virtualized SAP HANA with VMware for more details.
    • Deployed BW on HANA in Q3 2014 Leveraged Sybase IQ Near Line Storage (NLS) and went live with BW.  EMC benefited with 40%+ reduction in report execution, 50%+ faster batch processing, reduced load dependency, reduced cost with simplify & less monitoring and reloads were faster with minimum downtime.
  • EMC is now on journey to migrate off their existing RDBMS to support ERP and CRM operations by 2016 and expecting significant performance gains to grow revenue over next decade.
  • EMC sees further opportunities to drive efficiencies with closer TCO considerations.  Looking ahead, leveraging better UX, consolidating planning functions and utilize cloud/SaaS apps to drive efficiencies and better TCO.

You can find the detailed presentation on the ASUG High Tech SIG content area.

Also, check out the Bloomberg Businessweek Business Case Study on The Key to EMC’s Technology Growth:  Integrated Acquisitions. You may also want to check out Mike Harding talking about the Project Propel past video here.

Other interesting video that you may be interested to watch on EMC data center transformation with SAP HANA and VMware. In this video, William Reid, Sr. Director, IT at EMC outlines EMC’s IT transformation with SAP HANA and VMware. EMC leverages a virtual first strategy built on top of, around and inclusive of everything VMware. 94% of everything running in the EMC data center today is virtualized. By virtualizing SAP HANA, EMC realized 400% performance gain over traditional RDBMS, 9x gain in data load times, 99.9% high availability, and significant CapEx and OpEx savings.

If you are interested to learn more from other High Tech Customers, please do sign up at the ASUG SIG High Tech. You can watch replays and check out presentation from the past webcast on ASUG High Tech SIG content page

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