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SAP Sapphire NOW VS Disney World

Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner, we have SAP SAPPHIRE NOW, up against the one and only kid magnet…Disney World!

  1. SIZE
    Disney World is huge, but I’d say the SAP SAPPHIRE Conference Centre comes in a close second. It probably took 15 minutes to walk from one end of the conference centre to the other. Seriously! Okay, maybe 15 minutes including an ice cream stop…

    WINNER: Disney World
  1. FOOD
    Food! I have no idea what the food is like at Disney World, but I suspect that they look, some way or the other, like Disney characters. As appealing as that may sound, SAP SAPPHIRE NOW offers a sophisticated variety, with muffins, juice, coffee, and tea available in almost every corner. The refreshment and snack stations at the conference is like the ABC stores in Hawaii! The dining hall was amazing! No photograph that I took could depict just how vast the area was. What also makes the dining experience so much better was the servers that lined up, forming a pathway as you enter the hall. Despite having to repeatedly say “Enjoy your meal!” or “Welcome!” to a population of approximately 20 000 people- these ladies and gentlemen don’t just smile with their teeth, but also their eyes. They are the ones who make you feel truly welcomed to be at the conference, I think.


  1. GAIN
    Usually at the end of vacations, I reflect on the flight home what I’ve learned or gained from that experience, and every single time, I have loads of things to say. If someone were to ask me what I did during my trip, I would go on about how I ate field mice in Vietnam, or wrestled with a professional wrestler in Germany, but this trip was different.

For some, the conference lasted for three days. For me, the conference lasted for two days, because I arrived on the day the
conference began. It’s remarkable how many freebies I got within those two days, though.
Okay but on a serious note, I probably learned more within those two days about what I actually need to know in life than what I learn in three years in high school.

Upon returning to school, a lot of students asked me about my experience. Do you remember having a crush on someone back in high school? There’s always that one friend that asks you why you like the person that you do, but you have no idea how to explain it. You just do. Asking me how my experience was at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW is just like that. There’s so much more going on beyond learning about SAP HANA, marketing, interactions with people, expansions of small businesses, analysis of data, business analytics, etc, that words become useless in these interactions I have with my friends and family.

Usually, when I can’t think of a word that explains just how I feel, I make hand motions or sounds to truly express myself. For this experience, the best sound I can make to reflect how I felt about this trip would have to be: DAH!! I think this word explains for itself. In comparison to Disney World, SAP SAPPHIRE NOW kicks Disney World right out of the park! (Oooh, the puns!) With Disney World, you gain a temporary state of euphoria, and as memorable as the trip may be, nothing sticks better in your memory than knowledge. True knowledge is something unforgettable. I’m not talking about the knowledge that you think you had in high school about chemistry or physics. I’m talking about knowledge gained from actual experiences, interest, and curiosity.



Blog post by: Linh Diep

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      Author's profile photo Stephen Johannes
      Stephen Johannes

      Having been to both(just not this year's event), I'm going to have to disagree.  It's really hard to compare the two, because honesttly 99.99% of the general world population would rather go to Disney World 🙂 than a corporate trade show 🙂 .

      Besides all the cool kids know that the real knowledge is gained at SAP Teched 😛 .

      Take care,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Stephen!

      I should have mentioned that I've never gone to Disney World, but my thoughts exactly! I was once a part of the general population that would rather go to Disney World than an annual business conference, but having gone to Disneyland in California and knowing what I gained from that experience, I would say SAP Sapphire NOW wins! 😎

      Perhaps this calls for a field trip to a future SAP Teched?! 😀

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      I enjoyed watching your interview last week with Dennis Howlett:

      [embed width="425" height="350"][/embed]



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tammy!

      Thanks for actually watching the 10 minute long video, and stopping by my blog post! 🙂


      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan

      Hi Linh,

      Thanks for sharing your experience at SapphireNOW (also conveniently co-located with the ASUG Annual Conference). 

      I've eaten at Disney World and believe me, the conference wins.  Although I do not consider muffins an appropriate dessert food (and only later found out that I missed the ice cream).

      I will have to watch your video interview with Dennis Howlett later on, but for now, my question is:

      What will you do with your new-found passion for SAP?

      (You see, I have ulterior motives - being a parent and all - and wishing my sons would find some passion for SAP too)



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sue!

      I had an awesome time at SapphireNOW, and sharing my experience was the least I could do to release all that inspiration that gained!

      Hahaha! Oh my goodness, you missed one of the best parts of the conference! (Not meaning to brag, but...they had Haagan Daz ice cream...)

      I love moving around- it's as though I always have ants in my pants and can't sit still! Because of this, I found a passion for kinesiology- the study of human movement. Next year, I will be studying for my master's degree in bio-medical physiology and kinesiology. I have a few careers in mind: occupational therapy, physical therapy, or athletic therapy. All of these basically stem from the profession of rehabilitation of injured or ill patients. Now this is where SAP comes in to play. I am looking to use my knowledge and background from this field and work in partnership with those in the STEM field (hopefully SAP?) and further advance rehabilitative care. For example, I would use all the data I've gained after a period of time with patients, and see what their needs are. Once I discover their needs, or what their biggest struggles are, I will report to SAP engineers, for example, so we could collaborate and work on a project that would benefit those in rehabilitation! AWESOME!

      Thank you for care and interest,

      Author's profile photo Celine Burgle
      Celine Burgle

      Amazing to see that you got so much out of it Linh!

      A great life experience. Your message is so vibrant, your excitement and passion truly come out. Very refreshing.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I love this post and the video. I had to laugh about Linh's directness "I thought businesses are like scam". Very nice and refreshing perspective on Sapphire and SAP!