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SAP Mentor Monday Webcast is Back & Better than Ever


Who: You

When: June 15

Time: 4:00 pm Eastern Time (New York City)

Where: SAP Community Calls Dial-in info

Well, the next SAP Mentor webcast is really a Tuesday, because Monday, May 25th is a US holiday.  To quote ESPN’s Mike and Mike “we’re back and we’re better than ever”.

What is on the agenda?  SAP Mentors will provide updates from ASUG Annual Conference and SAPPHIRENOW.  I am hoping to hear from SAP Mentor speakers who provided content Add these SAP Mentor ASUG Annual Conference Sessions to your Agenda

More agenda details:

  1. ASUG Annual Conference Recap
  3. Transformation Program update
  4. Q&A – remaining time

In addition to some new videos  several Mentors have written blogs here on SCN and elsewhere.  Learn more details from today’s Transformation in Action: SAP Mentors at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 by Jeanne Carboni.

On the ASUG side, in addition to the hundreds of hours of sessions, ASUG had Design Thinking sessions in the ASUG Hub, pictured below:


Source: Picture provided SAP’s Heinz Haefner with SAP Zach Hulbert leading the Design Thinking session.

Common topics on the show floor include S/4HANA and Internet of Things.  But how does this apply to you?  Find out what we learned last week and join us on May 26th.  Hear the latest inside information on timely topics relevant to you provided by Mentors providing insights, opinions and perspectives on key areas that affect the SAP Community.

Most photos in this video provided by Martin Gillet

No registration is required.  Just mark your calendar today and join us.  Can you name the celebrity below?  See you there.


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  • Hey Tammy

    Great to see it’s back on 🙂

    I’m going to let myself look stupid here…. can you please write the formal time zone code so some of us can check it easier. I live across 3 timezones in my own country and get confused as it is without adding other countries.

    As I said, happy to look stupid on this request as I don’t know if Eastern refers to Europe or America or if standard or daylight savings is at play 🙁



    • And yes, the US (except Arizona and a few localities) is currently in Daylight Savings Time, so I think the “official” timezone designator is currently EDT (instead of EST)… but we could get all technical and call it UTC-5 🙂

        • Yeah… yeah, it should be. So, the website I looked it up on had that incorrect, I guess. It’s GMT-5 (because GMT is subject to DST too, right?), but UTC-4.

          • The DST equivalent of GMT is BST (don’t you love TLAs). So EST is GMT-5 and EDT is BST-5. The relationship between GMT and the various versions of UT currently escapes me. Thankfully… 🙂 (Is GMT the same as UT-1?)

            And of course, the US and UK don’t switch to/from DST at the same time, so we’re occasionally 4 hours apart (never 6).


          • OK, what time is it now? I think we’re 5 hours apart.  Speaking of which, isn’t it time for you to be asleep? 🙂

            So the webcast will be 5:00 pm your time 🙂

          • It is now 11:38. Yes, we’re 5 hours apart until the end of October. We end DST before you do. And yes, I should be asleep, but instead I’m googling UTC. Sigh…


          • I just found out yesterday, that my wristwatch was still showing “winter time” (= Standard Time = 1 hour behind) despite the fact we changed to Daylight Saving Time in March, so I would be completely lost, if we had more than one timezone in Germany. ^^
            Also shows how much I use my wristwatch for what it is intended… 😀

          • My wristwatch adjusts itself as DST comes and goes. I’ve ended up in embarrassing situations too many times through forgetting! Now if only it was solar powered so I didn’t have to change the battery. That would be perfect…

          • I don’t even own a wristwatch, and haven’t for years. Seriously, when in your life is there not a timekeeping device within sight at all times? Our phones tell time (and auto-adjust for DST and for timezones when we travel), our computers all have clocks on the toolbar, our cars have clocks on the dashboard, and our offices, like as not, have clocks on the wall (which may or may not be correct). At home, there’s a clock on the oven and the microwave and… ahem… that old VCR I need to get rid of (I swear, having the time displayed is the only useful function left on that thing). There’s a clock on the thermostat in each room.

            The only times when a clock of some kind is not in sight is when I really don’t need one, i.e. while backpacking in the wilderness.