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Objective of Implementing HCM Process and Forms

I often hear back from customer when I ask “why do you want to implement the HCM Process and Forms”…….“I want my HR Process to move online and improve HR process” which is common answer I get from my customer’s.

So let us understand the real business objective of Implementing HCM Process and Forms.

The key factors which come’s to my mind is Increasing the Efficiency, Data Quality and Consistency.

Why Efficiency ?

Currently organizations are posing challenges especially who are still on paper based processes and as the usage of technology is changing rapidly, hence today Organizations are constantly looking for  increase in speed of data processing and improve their process efficiency ! For example getting an employee on-boarded or promotion’s completed in a timely manner is an obvious business imperative. The other aspect of process efficiency is the idea of taking less time from administrative staff, which ultimately results in labor cost savings.

Data Quality ?

Obviously improving data quality is a critical factor which will have direct impact on the HR administration cost’s. By configuring the business rules that are already configured for infotype processing within forms and process will ensure that quality of the data submitted would significantly enhanced. Data quality ensures driving accurate decision making and employee satisfaction.

This will also ensure that blame of missing paper work or human errors which can lead to legal actions for the employee’s.

Why Consistency?

Since the approval process is the part of the HCM Process and Forms framework, it helps organisations to adhere there policies are being followed with respect to the decisions made by the managers or HR administrations. Lack of consistency may lead to not meeting the legal standards especially in Public Sector or government organizations. Consistency will also ensure the tracking the progress over the course of time.

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  • Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for sharing short & clear information of F&P . Actually I am looking forward to implement some processes through F&P. We are in EHP7 with NWBC. I am new to this HR F&P. How can I create a new F&P depending on the customer requirement. I have a requirement here : Business Card Request through ESS NWBC

    Please share some lights from your experience.