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How to make ‘Open sales orders’ as default in VA05 instead of ‘All orders’

It bothered some customers that ‘Open sales orders’ is not set as default in VA05.

In transaction VA05, the default selection criteria is ‘All orders’. Most of the time, they select only ‘Open sales orders’. But afterwards, if they decide to choose the ‘organizational data’ through the button for this purpose and valid it, the system change again the default selection criteria with ‘All orders’. And this leads to delays at the system level. ( see screenshot below )

va05 1.PNG

va05 2.PNG

va05 1.PNG

In order to fullfill customer’s requirement, they can do the following:

Call Transaction SU01 -> enter user -> enter in change mode.

On the ‘Parameters’ tab, add parameter ‘0BT’ with the value ‘X’. Save.

Please sign out and sign in again, the default setting in VA05 should be now that ‘Open sales orders’ is selected.

VA05 3.PNG

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  • Hi Maria

    Thank you for sharing this parameter. We do have many other parameters as well for defaulting many other fields as well. It could be more useful and nice if you’d add other parameters as well like for defaulting sales area etc.


    • Hi MoazzaM,

      Thank you so much for your suggestion.

      However, I didn’t find the information for other parameters.

      Maybe you can give me some guide on it?


      maria du.

      • I know one parameter that we can use for defaulting sales area in VA01 and there are many others. I am sure if you put some efforts by searching in Google and SCN you’ll find many in different forums and threads.


  • Hi All,

    Some more parameters which might help.

    Parameter Description Usage
    AAT Order type SD Order Type. Populated on transactions like Create Sales Order (VA01) could be Production order also.
    AGT Quotation type (RV) SD Quotation Type. Populated on transactions like Create Quote (VA21).
    BUK Company code Default your desired company code into transactions and report selection screens.
    FWS Currency unit Default your desired currency code into report selection screens.
    KBG Credit representative group
    KGD Customer account group Default the desired account group into transactions when reporting on or creating customer masters.
    KKB Credit control area Default the desired credit control area when displaying data in transactions such as FD32.
    LAG Storage location Default the desired storage location.
    LGK Copy pick quantities into delivery / Post GI
    LGN Warehouse number  Default your desired Warehouse into warehouse reporting transactions.
    LND Country Key
    PRR Checking rule for material availability check
    VDG Substitution reason
    VGD Material substitution type
    VKB Sales office Default your desired Sales Office in VA01 and other reporting screens.
    VKG Sales group Default your desired Sales Group in VA01 and other reporting screens.
    VKO Sales organization Default your desired Sales Organization in VA01 and other reporting screens.
    VST Shipping point
    VTW Distribution channel Default your desired Distribution Channel in VA01 and other reporting screens.
    WRK Plant Default your desired plant into various reporting screens.



      • Hi Maria,

        That was a beautiful piece of information. But one question, How could we find the parameter ID of this field. I understand that this could be done thorugh F1 help or Data Element –> Further Characteristics. But for this field neither of these two fields are filled.

        Best Regards,


  • /
      • Hi All,

        I tested it and checked in VA05 Now it’s by default ticked in “Open Sales Order”.

        Is there any option for VA05N also?

        Thanks in advance.



        • Hi Kamlesh,

          I am afraid I didn’t find the possibility to set default in ‘open sales order’ for VA05N.

          You may find more information regarding VA05N in KBA 1700237 though.


          Maria Du.

          • Hi Maria Du,

            Thanks for updating. I didn’t find any relevant details in KBA 1700237 regarding this. Although, I am trying to find the way to make it default in”Open Sales Order” for VA05N also. Once its successfully done then I’ll surely share it.

            Kind Regards


  • Hi Maria,

    I could not find the Parameter ID OBT in SU01, but when i put OBT with the X as you mentioned, the system accepted it, saved it. But it did not work as expected. Any suggestions?/


  • Hi,

    Thank you for sharing. Its great to learn new things such as this .

    Please keep up the good work…cheers!!!


    Romit Poddar