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How to delete unused K9R* tables generated by derivation rules.

Sometimes you will find some tables begin with K9R* which is generated by old derivation rules. Now these old derivation rules are not availble in system any more but these tables remain. Or when you try to delete some unused characteristics in COPA, these K9R* tables will prevent you from that.

If you really want to delete unused chars from the CO-PA field catalogue,you have to delete first all those old K9R* derivation tables that have been generated in the past for such chars but that are currently not used any longer in derivation.You can delete each such UNUSED K9R* derivation table by executing function module KED0_DELETE_DERIVATION_TABLE for this table.

For example,for each generated K9R* table that is part of the Where-usedlist of the corresponding data element RKEG_WWxxx, you have to check whether this table is still used in table TKEDRS for a currently existing derivation rule. If it’s not used you can delete it with function module KED0_DELETE_DERIVATION_TABLE.
This is a little laborious (to run the function module for quite a lot of old K9R* tables that are currently not used any longer in derivation), but if the derivation rules would have been been deleted correctly in the customizing transaction KEDR the corresponding generated K9R* tables and RKEAK9R* access routines would have been deleted automatically in this context by the system.

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