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Decimal Places Setting in Bex Query Designer

I have seen many questions in SDN Business explorer space regarding the display settings of Decimal points. This blog will explain these settings in detail.


In the BEx query designer, we can set the number of decimal places till which a Key figure will be displayed as output. These settings can be set for each key figure individually by selecting the keyfigure and going to ‘Display’ tab in ‘Properties’ section in the query designer.


If the ‘Use Default Settings’ Checkbox is ticked then the no. of decimal places displayed will be determined from the Key figure info-object properties.

To view the default properties of the key-figure, go to the display of the info-object and in the ‘Additional Properties’ tab, you will able to see the default properties set for that key figure.


Problem Description:

As per business requirement, the no. of decimal places displayed should be 2 whereas the output of query displays 3 decimal points.


Step 1: Go to the decimal settings in the Query designer as explained in background.

Step 2: Check if the ‘Number of Decimal Places’ dropdown has been set to 0.00 (as the requirement is set to display 2 decimal places)

Step 3: If not, then set it to display 2 decimal places as shown below.


Step 4: if yes, then check if the ‘Use Default Settings’ Checkbox is ticked as shown below.


Step 5: If yes, then uncheck the checkbox.

Now your BEx Designer settings are accurate to display the correct decimal places as set in the ‘Number of Decimal Places’ dropdown. It must have been displaying numbers upto 3 decimal places as per the default info-object settings for this key fogure as explained in background section.

For confirming, you can simply check the settings trough transaction RSA1 or RSD1.


Sometimes after an upgrade, the decimal settings are changed. For this issue refer to SAP Note.

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