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Analysing the CA Introsope Enterprise Manager’s performance

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why there are gaps in the Workload Analysis metrics?
  • There are no metrics for some Managed Systems even though the Managed System Configuration has been performed successfully and all extractors are green?
  • The Introscope Enterprise Manager goes down frequently?

The answer for the above questions is very often that the Introscope Enterprise Manager is overloaded or some limits have been reached. E.g. the number of agents that can connect to an Introscope Enterprise Manager is limited, if the limit has been reached then some agents cannot connect and their metrics are therefore not collected.

The Introscope Enterprise Manager is essential for the Solution Manager’s Root Cause Analysis tools and for some of the data in the Early Watch Alert. It is important to make sure that the Introscope Enterprise Manager is configured well and sized adequately.

To ensure that the Introscope Enterprise Manager is configured optimally we created a simple to use tool that helps analysing the Introscope Manager’s performance.


SAP KBA 2156320 – EM Perflog Analyzer Tool

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