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What to fill in “Dynamic Search” in customizing define central search

Regarding central search, actually we can define and activate a new one by the following 4 steps.


  1. find the search view you want to set it as central search.
  2. define central search under customizing: spro->Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework ->Technical Role Definition ->Define Central Search.
  3. added the object type and action in above step2 and check the check box “active under folder “Adjust Central Search Objects for your business role through T-code: CRMC_UI_PROFILE.
  4. open the configuration of the view in above steps1 and check checkbox “Use in Central Search” under “selected search criteria” in configuration.



But someone may not be familiar about how to do the step2 exactly, and especially what to fill in column “Dynamic Search”. For example in following screenshot. I will explain in detail in this blog.


1 Capture.JPG


1. What to fill in Nav Bar Profile, Object Type, Object Action, UI Component Name, Search View in customizing define central search of above
step 2.


Nav Bar Profile: Can be found in business role customizing by T-code: CRMC_UI_PROFILE.


Then you can click F2 on the corresponding search view which you want to define as central search. You can find following information in the F2 popup.
Object Type:    see following screenshot of F2 help.
Object Action:  The action can be set as F “Execute”.
UI Component Name: see following screenshot of F2 help.
Search View:               see following screenshot of F2 help.


2 Capture.JPG


2. What to fill in “Dynamic Search” in customizing define central search of above step 2.


Dynamic Search      ??what to fill in??


The easy way is that you can run T-Code:bsp_wd_cmpwb, and then display the relevant view in workbench(can get it from F2 help popup, see the above screenshot). And you open the corresponding context nodes(can be found by using F2 help on webui, for this case, it is context node Search) in view structure on right side, and you will find the dynamic search information under contact node search which is BuilHeaderAdvancedSearch in this case. See following screenshot.

3 Capture.JPG


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