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SAP Hybris Billing just another SAP buzzword or what?

There is no more SAP BRIM.

Abbreviation for that SAP solution has been replaced by new name SAP Hybris Billing.

What that means to us BRIM & telco consultants?

At least we will not have to face situations like, when after few hours workshop, customer asks: „OK, we understand, it seems like interesting and advanced solution but tell us what that BRIM abbreviation means?“

Admit it, how many of us had problem with that „Billing“/“Business“ Revenue (Is it revenue?) and „Information“/“Innovation“ Management? 🙂 🙂 🙂   At the end, clever consultant turns that little bit awkward situation into funny closing line of his presentation. But we all wish we hadn’t have to do that.

With this name change we don’t have to, we introduce SAP Hybris Billing. 🙂

Apart from that obvious, there is very important – brending reason.

BRIM as the brand never achieved desired results (even it is the most advanced billing and rating solution for subscription and usage based revenue earning companies) and from the other side Hybris customers has been concerned that, since it is bought by SAP, Hybris will be drowned in that mega corporation.

Of course, with Hybris acquisition SAP has improved his position in CRM segment of market, gained strong CRM customer base, gained Hybris brand and improved the weakest part of BRIM solution. From the other side Hybris gained control of „front face“ SAP applications – CRM segment of SAP solutions.

What has been spoken by Hybris CEO Ariel Luedi at hybris’ customer summit in Munich last February.

Those are all good signs and reasons for our future prospects of providing even greater SAP solutions to our customers – solutions that will enable our customers strategical advantage in market competition.

Let’s set sail!

Mario Prkacin

Senior charging and billing expert in Altima d.o.o.


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    • Of course, it’s much more…

      I say SAP CC is heart of revenue innovation but it is “solution core” that works behind stage.

      You probably noticed how everything nowadays is customer oriented / customer centric.

      For our customers billing is front face of (former BRIM) Hybris billing solution and for their customer that is CRM…

      Simplification is new SAP motto i guess that’s the reason behind the name.



      I’m pretty much sure all BRIM / Hybris billing consultant understand purpose of BRIM.

      It’s just that abbreviation is easy to misinterpret…

  • I am looking for technical information on the Hybris Billing solution.  Can you point me in the right direction for the Master Guide?

    • Hi Mary,

      there is Hybris billing dedicated group in the community:

      SAP hybris Billing

      there you can find a lot of documents related to BRIM solution.

      That’s maybe the best starting point.

      There you can fine also link to the wiki page for Hybris billing but I never received access to it so I can’t say if it is useful or not.