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My first experience taking the C4C certification test

Recently we announced C4C certification.   The details are in this blog.   I just took my first test, the C4C50.   I will take the C4C10 in another month or so – I still need to study!

Here is my experience.  I hope it helps you prepare.

  • When you sign up, all times are UTC.  I signed up for 1 PM, went to take the test, and it said I was a no-show.  Well, I assumed 1 PM Texas time but it was 1 PM UTC time.  Fortunately I was not penalized for this mistake.   I just got a new appointment and ensured I entered it in UTC time.
  • Before taking the test,  they recommend you conduct a system test.  This includes downloading some software and launching a mock test. For me, the download of the software worked fine, but the launch of the mock test resulted in an error and then locked up my machine.   I tried several times. Even though this failed, I could still launch the test.
  • At your appointment time, you go to “Exam Appointments” and select “Start”.  Then the proctor comes.  There is a chat window and he ensures he can hear you while you take the test.  He provides various rules, you must show a photo ID in the web cam.  You also must take your laptop and move it around the room so the proctor can see all your surroundings.  This includes the floor and behind your knees so they can ensure you aren’t cheating in any way.    All of this takes a few minutes, then you get the OK to start.
  • When working on the test, I was reading the questions to myself, I guess kind of lip-syncing them.  He told me that is reading aloud and I cannot do that.  So, you must read the questions in your head, no thinking out loud or moving your lips 🙂
  • The proctor is there the entire time, watching you.  I moved the window around when it interfered with reading a test question.
  • On the test itself, you can mark questions you are unsure of to review later.  You can also change the font size and the contrast.
  • Once I got going, it wasn’t so bad.  I was a little uncomfortable with the proctor there, but understand why it is needed.

In regards to the C4C50 test, I passed!   (OK, so maybe I was involved some in the authoring of the test, but some of the questions were still a little tough!)

All of the questions come from the C4C50 course material.  If you’ve taken the course, study the material and review the new features, since as we update the class we also add new topics covered in the class to the test.   We will also offer delta tests so you can take the core test once and then just take delta tests to keep your certification updated.  The core test is 80 questions, the delta tests are 40 questions.

Good luck!!  The C4C10 will be harder for me – but you get 3 times to pass it!  The C4C30 test…hmm…maybe sometime next year!

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  • Quick question - Is the C4C certification good. I have heard SAP is losing the market share in C4C wrt Salesforce and others. In fact there were more customers in C4C in 2014 than now.

    What prompted you to take the certification, and How did you practice for the C4C50 exam. Any course in C4C costs around 2k USD.

    Thanks in advance.

    • HI Chetan,

      You must be talking to people at Salesforce!  We aren't losing market share, we've had repeated triple-digit growth, and we still have huge investment with new features released every quarter.  I heard Sales Force created a special task force to fight specifically against us.  

      If you don't want to take the training classes, you can also join the learning hub - this gives you access to all training material.    

      Good luck - hope you decide to invest time and effort to learning C4C. 


      • Ginger,

        I agree wit you completely!

        Great insights from you on taking the certification, should come handy for people in advance of taking the exam.



      • Thanks Ginger. That was helpful. I have also bought CER006 and was planning to practice for same. I am also inclined towards Hybris and I hope sometime in future SAP will be able to provide a full Omni solution for CRM.



      • Hello Ginger,

        how are you?

        Ginger I am interested in preparing and giving exam for C4C 10 and C4C 50.

        how regarding learning hub, will i get the certification material i.e. manuals, server access for practice and some sort of dedicate forum to discuss issues.

        and the cost mentioned on the learning hub is 545 euro, what will i get in that cost?

  • Hi Ginger,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I just have one question! In the end you said that we have 3 chances to pass the test, is that correct? If we fail on the first time we can take another chance without need to pay for that?


    Best Regards


  • Hi Ginger,

    I just took 12 month subscription to the certification hub. However, I had a bad experience in booking appointment in first place. 🙁

    I think the promise of getting 24x7 appointments is good but is not being fulfilled. I have to manually make 4 search queries for each day. That makes is 120 queries for a month. I tried 7 days of appointments but all I get was "No Times available". There should be a weekly calendar available showing number of slot available on each day/slot.2015-06-30 22_15_50-Exam List _ SAP Certification Hub.png

    I understand this is a new way of giving exams, but I think your partner does not have sufficient proctor resources and not to mention a non-user friendly booking system( maybe they need help with Design Thinking  😉 ) .Also, no one ever attend the online chat function after 15 min wait(after which I gave up)

    Hope SAP can work on that.

    I am going to ask for a refund tomorrow if I am unable to book slot in another 15 min.



    2015-06-30 22_15_50-Exam List _ SAP Certification Hub.png
    • Hello Vikas,

      The Global Certification Team is currently working with our testing partner to resolve these issues.  We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.  As soon as these issues are resolved, we will be back in touch with the plan going forward.

      Sheri Schaaf

      SAP Global Certification

      • Thanks Sheri.

        Meanwhile, I have dropped an email to UK Training team to move out my start date by a month or issue a refund.



        • Dear Vikas,

          This exam is now up and running and you should be able to successfully book a time to take the exam.  Chat will also be available so you can connect with the exam proctor.

          Our testing partner has advised that the issues related to the C_ C4C50_2015 exam occurred due to the exam being setup in error.  They are currently looking at their processes. We have also requested information on how we can stop this from happening again.

          Please let us know if you have any further issues.

          Best Regards,

          Sheri Schaaf

          SAP Global Certification

          • Hi Sheri Schaaf,

            Good day. Can you please update me if  the C4C10 is available in India and APAC region.

            And do we have to under go training or one can directly give the exam based on prior experience.

            Thanks in advance for your reply.



  • Hi Ginger,

    Thank you for sharing

    Did my C_C4C10_2015 test a few weeks ago and fortunately passed.

    I just add some experiences

    • I had some technical issues with the mic the second time (issues i did not had the 1sts time). So when waiting for the proctor immediately test with in the proctor pop up if the correct mic has been selected. So you really have to plan some time to do the preparation of your laptop
    • What i considered as a disadvantage was that i had to deinstall some conference call / meeting software i downloaded locally on my laptop (teamviewer) and reinstall it again after my exam. Just switching off was not sufficient to pass the technical check.
    • The type of questions are very much the same as a class room certification test
    • What i considered as less pleasant was, that the first time i had a proctor who really moved a lot... very disturbing when that happens in the corner of the sceen.
    • Big advantage is that you can plan your own exams whenever it suits you, even late at night.

    Good luck everybody


    • Hi Marie Jose,

      Congrats for passing the certification.

      Regarding the proctor issue, be aware that you can perfectly close the Proctor's window and it will automatically appear a Tab for bringing it up again. This is a Learnt Lesson from my side.

      Once again, congrats!


  • Hi Sheri Schaaf,

    Currently I am looking for C4C10 exam details (venues) in India. For that I tried to reach India education office however the call didn't pick up.

    Could you please share the details of  C4C10 certification availability in India?

    Thanks in Advance.



  • Hi Ginger,

    I have two questions regarding the exam.

    1. Is there negative marking?

    2. If a question has 3 correct answers out of which 2 are correct - will I be given points for the correct ones?



    • Hello Deepak - sorry I missed this query.  There is 1 point for every question.  So, if 3 are right and you get 2 right, you miss the question.  The test will tell you "three choices are correct".


      • Hi Ginger,

        Just trying to confirm if I understand your answer to Deepak's question.

        So if 3 correct answer to a question and one marks two correct but 1 wrong, does that mean no mark to that question ? For ex. if that question carry 3 marks, and we give two correct and one wrong, then will I get +1+1-1 = 1 mark or zero ?

          • Thanks Ginger. This was very helpful to know. I recently gave SAP Open Course exam on C4C and it was partial marking there - meaning negative marks for every wrong choice in a MCQ and I was under impression that same will be the case for certification exam.
            But now its clear that there is no negative marking - Its either full marks or zero 🙂

            Once again thanks 🙂

  • Hi Ginger,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Your post in SCN (How-To guides and E-learning) was helped me a lot to complete C4C50 certification and I have completed it on yesterday.

    Thanks a lot


    Govind. A

  • Hello Ginger,

    I passed my C4C10 certification yesterday. Your blog was helpful for what is coming.

    Proctoring was good. I personally believe this is really convenient for giving certification test.

    One check as you mentioned is please verify the time zone one scheduled the exam. Check your email and it will show 9am UTC based on that calculate your exam time in ones time zone.

    Thank you,

    Pavan Pokkunuri

    • Hello Pavan,

      First of all many congrats on passing the exam. May it yield the please future for you.

      Pavan can you please help me out with the certification as i want some information.

      if you feel like helping me out 🙂 then please share your email.

      May thanks.

  • Hi Ginger,

    Thank you for your blogs on C4C, its really very helpful!!

    I am planning to do the certification but I am not very sure If I should study from the learning hub or I should go for Classroom training.

    Does the learning hub provide any hands on?


    Sunita Melonas

  • Hi Ginger,

    thanks for the details.

    I would like to know few things:

    1. I am SAP CRM sales and interaction center , and SAP Contact center consultant.

    Would like to know if taking C4C10 and C4C50 is enough to get started ?

    2. I am located very near to waldrof (Germany): but the problem is that Course is not available in english ?

    is there any way i can take classes in english.

    Best Regards

    Swatantra Chourasiya

    • Hi Swatantra,

      1. The C4C10 is good, the C4C50 is integration focused on ERP integration and it does not cover the call center scenario.  We are also launching two new courses next month – C4C12 (SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales) and C4C14 (SAP Hybris Cloud for Service) that will be very helpful for you. But yes, you can start with C4C10.

      2. I think in Germany they always teach in English. Can you please contact SAP Education directly at either of the following? They can advise you of the best possible option.



    • Hi Uday,

      The list is updated here. When did you take your test? The next update is due on May 10. Hopefully it will be available then.



  • Thanks Ginger for all the information. I am planning to take C4C10 exam. Wanted to check if there is a free training content available similar on the lines of CR100 documents.

    Also, now the proctor tests are available for India users?