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Data Federation via SDA Vs Data Persistency in HANA – Viewpoint

Data can be accessed from SAP HANA by below 2 ways –

  • Federation access via SAP HANA SDA (Smart Data Access)
  • Physical Persistence

In one of recent client requirement, it was needed to put framework on when to opt for data federation approach & when to go for persistence approach.

I am putting below simplified point of view on this based on 5 key parameters –


With above framework, it becomes clear that Data federation access via SDA is recommended when –

  • On Demand and Ad-hoc Analysis of Data from Remote Sources
  • Less Data Volume is needed for data analysis
  • Data Transformation complexity needed for analysis is less
  • Cold or old data is needed for analysis
  • Data needed for analysis from remote sources is not trusted, structured and harmonized
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