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Create a formula to calculate value, percentage and formatting in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1

Hi Everyone,

SAP BO Web Intelligence allows functions which help us to calculate cell value and formatting as per business requirement. Here I am explaining a simple step to write function and calculate value and percentage based on existing data column.I am assuming that query is added and now we have following data in in Webi report.

As per above report we have Sales Plan Qty, Gross Sales Qty and Sales return Qty and Now we have to calculate ‘Net Sales Qty’ and sales Performance based on Gross Sales, Sales Return Qty and Sales Plan Qty. follow below steps.

1. Add new column by right click on Sales Return Qty and insert column on right side.

2. Select new insert column and click on ‘Formula Editor’ on formula Bar or right click and Edit Formula.

3. Write formula =[Gross Sales Qty]-[Sales return Qty]’ to calculate Net Sales Qty.

4. Now add one more column to calculate Sales Ach % (formatting two digit decimal with %-symbol).  Go to Formula Editor then write formula ‘=FormatNumber(([Gross Sales Qty]-[Sales return Qty])/[Sales Plan Qty]*100;”##.00%”)’

Now we are getting desire output by formula.

Hope this blog gives clear understanding to use Formula in webi reports. And it is helpful.


Kashif Ali Khan

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