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Integrity check of an SAP Account

Hello Banking Service people,

Here is an interesting way of writing the program for checking the integrity of an SAP Account.

The General way of Architecture is that

1. SAP BS is used for Banking Services Products

2. SAP CRM is used for Customer Master, Services, Marketing, BP and ICM.

3. SAP FICAX is used for Money movement (Collections, Disbursement, Cost Accounting and Payments).

SAP BS -> SAP CRM -> SAP FICAX -> MAINFRAMES (Third Party) and Other Partner systems that Banking Industries will use.

We have a scenario like this where you can do the Integrity check of an account by checking these Function Modules and Options on the system.

1. Design

Design a SAP Screen with the options as mentioned below for the Account Integrity check. It all depends on an individual how you design the screens I am showing the sample screen that we have for this functionality.




Then will explain the each and every functionality in the screen.


Country : Your country code which could be “US”

Bank Key: You might have universal Bank key for all the operating branches you have or a unique branch key for each branch. for example ” 100123″

Account Number: External Account Number or Internal Account Number(it depends on how you configure you Account Master).

Display Account will display the account details. This is straight forward, you call the transaction BCA_CN_ACCT_03, I have explained the most commonly used SAP Banking Services BADI, BAPI, Tables etc in the below mentioned link

Display BP : This is staright forward as well, you can fetch the BP details from Account Level or from BUT0BK table and call the transaction BP to show Account Holder (Which is BP in SAP Terminology)

There is an Execute button at the Application Tool Bar, which will read the systems for the corresponding details, they are.

1. Product Profile on CRM system. – Product Profile is nothing but Total Commitment and the Products that the customer has in the CRM system(These products could be External or Internal Products). This is done by using a Simple RFC Call to CRM system for finding the details using the BAPI Structure BAPI_FSBP_TC_STR_ITEM_DISP (FM : BAPI_TC_GETDETAIL – Read Contract Details of Total Commitment).

2. Account locator details: It depends on if you have a Account Locator maintained in your business scenario, if so where? If it is connected to ESB or PI system them you need to have a Service that read these details from the respective system.

The Update Buttons will allow you to update Total Commitment and Account Details in the respective systems which is CRM and Mainframes in this scenario respectively with the inputs that you have provided.

Similarly we have Update CRM Offer and Update CACI.

Update CRM Offer: will update the CRM Offer (When it comes to Loan Accounts, we have something called Offer in CRM(which is nothing but a Transaction that offers something to the customer as requested by the Customer. It could be Loan amounts / Products / something on Web Shops) We consider loans for now because that is the way we are using CRM Offer in our Business Scenario. You can fetch this details using CRMD_ORDER_READ and update with CRMD_ORDER_SAVE and I have explained a bit more on the CRM function Modules and their uses in the below mentioned link.

Update CACI: CACI is again applicable for specific business scenarios. If you have CIF system which is a legacy system that keeps track of all the Customer Information, you need to have a ESB/PI service to update this system details accordingly, however this is not so important for us now.

NOTE:  As explained initially in the document, you can have SAP FICAX (Cost Account) for finding out the Contract Account details for your money movement in the SAP ECC system, where Contract Account is mandatory for any posting made here especially when it comes to Collections and Disbursements. This is simple, old school ways, FKKVK is the master for Contract Accounts.

Hope this document finds helpful to design some kind of Integrity check between SAP BS, SAP CRM and SAP FICAX systems along with integrating third party systems. Please do post your comments/queries.

Thank you very much and best regards,


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