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When we are doing our job as BASIS guys we need some tools like below in my exprience.

I will not give the names of the tools but I think must of us are using similar and well known tools.

You will remember when you are reading the lines through.

  • At the beginning I want to give a computer characteristics that a BASIS guy must at least have to work  with.

The computer of a BASIS guy must be FULL HD. Since you do alot of RDP, connect to alot of systems at the same time.

It must have at least 8 GB RAM

It must have SSD HDD.

It must not be very havy especially for consultants who are travelling alot.

You must not have a simple mouse, instead you must have multipurpose one. And wireless one.

You must have a good bag to carry this computer off course.


  • Every BASIS guy must have a tool for taking notes

This tool must have ability to save words, pictures, even files together.

I must reach the whole notes with one click. Mean when I open the program I must see all notes in my program.

This tool must have ability to search through all notes even through pictures using character recognition (OCR). So that I can reach the required info even in pictures.


This tool must have quick and powerful search ability.

This tool must save automatically when I am writing, taking notes. I must not push save button all the time and must not be suspicious whether I saved orr not.

This editor must be used through cloud.


  • Every BASIS guy must have a text editor for displaying logs on SAP servers

This text editor must keep more than one file open

This editor must search through all open files

This editor must open file when it is being used

This editor could open big files

This editor must be installed easiliy

This editor could be portable also


  • Every BASIS guy must have a tool for keeping passwords.

This tool must have master password so that I can keep all passwords in secure place.

This tool must paste user-password with key combinations or with mouse clicks into requested fields.

This tool must be configurable so that I could paste user and password according to the program, site etc.

This tool must be used throug cloud also.

This tool must be portable.


  • Every BASIS guy must have a screen capture tool

This tool must have an ability to draw lines, rectangles, circles, write notes on screenshots while you are taking screenshot.

You must be able to do this screen capturing with on of the mouse buttons

You must copy the capture to clipboard so that you could paste it wherever you want


  • Every BASIS gu must have an RDP Manage program.

This tool must keep many system infos

This tool must keep passwords securely

This tool must have grouping capability of systems

This tool must be portable


  • BASIS Guy must pin below programs to taskbar on an SAP Server for SIDADM user for quick access in my opinion. We always need them.
    • SAP Microsoft Management Console
    • Services.msc
    • DB Management Studios
    • Command Prompts (cmd)
    • Internet Browser
    • Explorer
    • SAP GUI (Of course not on all system. On solution manager maybe)
    • For MS Windows below folders must be created in favourites
      • x:\Usr\sap\trans
      • x:\Usr\sap\SID
      • x:\Usr\sap\SID\DVEBMGS##\word
      • x:\Usr\sap\SID\SYS
      • x:\usr\sap\ESM\DVEBMGS##\j2ee


I think these are the tools that are needed at least when we are doing our job efficiently, carefully, quickly and effectively.

Can you advise us any other tools?

Looking forward to hearing your helpers?



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  1. Former Member

    Hi Yuksel,

    It’s really interesting !! For me my favorite tools are X-Manager,Putty ,Remote sharing’s & file transfer utilities like WinSCP ….I enjoys to use any of these while working with box of these tools i.e mine system..

    Wish you the best !!

    1. Yuksel AKCINAR Post author

      Hello Gaurav,

      Thank you for your info and wishes.

      I can use my desktop manager for SSH connections also.


      Yuksel AKCINAR

    1. Yuksel AKCINAR Post author

      Hello Turgay,

      These are only tools.

      I  have a plan to write about charecteristics of a BASIS guy.

      That time I can mention about the things you mentioned.

      Thank you for your comments.


      Yuksel AKCINAR

      1. Matt Fraser

        I look forward to this blog. I’ve given a lot of thought over the years about the characteristics that make a good Basis Admin. I even wrote a little bit about it once in a comment to a thread in the Career Center space… I should try to dig that up.

  2. atul jain

    Hi Yuksel,

    There should be tool to share your screen as well , You dont know when you need to share your screen for remote login …. 😉



  3. Juan Reyes

    Well this is a wish list rather than a must list…

    I’m old school so I mostly use the “universal”plain text editor NOTEPAD and Alt-PrtScn for my screenshots. RDP is standard these days so no need to worry about that. Passwords are safely stored in my head and my laptop is not very fancy… I do have it docked into multiple screens though.

    My most used tool has to be putty…


    1. Yuksel AKCINAR Post author

      Hello Juan,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Notepad cannot open multiple files and some used files also.

      So I use notepad++ for that.

      Putty is the tool that I forgot to mention. As I said my desktop manager program can connect ssh also.


      Yuksel AKCINAR

      1. Former Member

        Simply use WordPad, especially it takes care of UNIX to Windows conversions with the damn \l \r to \n causing the Notepad to get confused.

      2. Matt Fraser

        Yep, I’m a fan of Notepad++ also, and I have definitely learned the hard way about opening large trace files with regular old Notepad, as Martin says.

      3. Martin English

        I use Notepad++ when I can, because it’s has so many useful features (multi file, syntax highlighting, converting windows / UNIX EOL stuff, etc), but I keep LTFViewer for when I have to look at the large log files on my windows box.

        As for putty, well, you can’t generate SSH keys for your non-windows Amazon playpens without puttygen !!

        UNIX like tools for use on windows:

        – I use KDiff3 – Homepage useful for making comparisons between (supposedly identical) files. A personal web notebook (see for an example) A free real-time log file monitoring tool for windows. Like tail -f but with more features.

        Been a while since I’ve had to use one but what do people use use for X Windows / VNC clients ?

  4. Jelena Perfiljeva

    Quite a revelation. I thought all that Basis guys needed was coffee. 🙂

    P.S. Just use P@ssw0rd everywhere. If some pesky production system forces password updates every month, just add a counter – P@ssw0rd1 etc. and write it on a sticky note. Works great. 🙂

    1. Yuksel AKCINAR Post author

      Hello Jelena,

      Coffee and black tea of course.

      You know these well known passwords comes from SAP’s traditions. We did not forget 06071992 and 19920706. 🙂

      And this kind of easiness is also for our dear module consultants. 😎

      Thank you for your kind comments.


      Yuksel AKCINAR

      1. Andy Silvey

        Hi Yuksel,

        for me

        music tempo = (level of multi-tasking + urgency of delivery) / impact of the change

        hence, plenty of time and not much multi-tasking and low impact of the change, could be something like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons,

        at the other end of the scale,

        high amount of multi-tasking, short amount of time left until the deadline and high impact of the change then depending on genre we can be talking something like Infinity or Bach’s Organ Works or across into rock, depending on what you are into, more pressure the heavier the music

        But, ok, we can go into many genres but you get the point 🙂

        I have spent many a CutOver weekend night shift listening to all different music to enable me to concentrate on my activities and drown out the noise and disturbance from others around


  5. Former Member

    This is really a nice blog. It tell us what different between BASIS and FC consultant and ABAPer in terms of their tools.

    I would like to add one more tool into the list : vSphere Client.

    Today most enterprise start to adopt VM infrastructure, you can’t live without it.


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