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SAP Mentor Monday – Last week at ASUG Annual Conference / SAPPHIRENOW

Monday started with an ASUG Annual Conference pre-conference on BI tools lead by SAP Mentor/ASUG Volunteer Ingo Hilgefort


Source: ASUG

At the start, the wired connections were not working; this is why we get to the room early to make sure things are in working order.  Fortunately the vendor fixed everything 5 minutes before the session started.

The session was sold-out, and everyone I spoke to said they enjoyed the session and the content.


Above is a photo of SAP Mentor Tom Cenens (photo by Joyce Butler)

Tom said “Loving it so far, great update on BI products & interesting attendee questions in first hour”.  We used Analysis Office, SAP Design Studio and SAP Lumira.


My favorite exercise was the Design Studio online composition exercise, shown above.

SAP Certification Education & Influence Council


SAP Certification Meeting – photo by Martin Gillet

Right after the pre-conference session Tom Cenens, Martin Gillet and I had a meeting with the SAP Certification Education & Influence Council.  It was great to finally meet Susan Martin in person.

SAP Mentor Reception


Pictured: Malin Liden left, right: Jeanne Carboni

Next was the SAP Mentor Reception.  SAP’s Jeanne Carboni hosted the reception, explaining that Mentors “influence, enable, and innovate”.  They are known experts who share the knowledge, expand the knowledge, and grow more experts.  They innovate by advising SAP on new ideas and in some cases co-develop with SAP.


Pictured above is SAP’s Maggie Fox who said “this program (SAP Mentors) is important to me”.


The new SAP Mentors were introduced last Monday and received their shirts- including Matt Fraser who is a former SCN Member of the month.

Martin Gillet provided most of the pictures in the above video.  I used them to create this Animoto.  Already I am looking forward to the next SAP Mentor reunion which is SAP TechEd Las Vegas – speaking of which Don’t Delay – Submit your ASUG SAP TechEd Abstract Today

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  • Hi Tammy

    Thanks for this write up and thanks for the mentions. It was great to meet and it was my pleasure to be able to spend time on Sunday to talk to you on lots of topics 🙂 .

    I really liked the BI preconference, it brought me a good amount of inside where things are going, what is important, how these tools work so it was very valuable to me 😉 . I’ll be leveraging that knowledge.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Tammy,

    Thank you for putting this together!  As always, you are faster than me!  I’ve got a post coming out later today if all goes well with the video edit. 😉

    I really appreciate your capturing the moments by sharing your experiences here.

    Kind regards,